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ChatGPT drops traffic for the first time

The number of visits to ChatGPT’s website for the first time decreased by nearly 10%, showing that the attraction of super AI has shown signs of cooling down. According to statistics of Similarweb tool, website traffic (ChatGPT)( both on computers and mobile devices in June decreased by 9, 7% compared to May. This is also the first time this chart has gone down after half a year of continuous increase. In fact, since May, the growth has shown signs of slowing down. The average time users were active on ChatGPT’s website in May was also less than 8 minutes per session, down 8.5% from the previous month. Despite the decline, ChatGPT is still the most popular ( tool. The “competitor” right after this super AI is Microsoft’s Bing AI, using a technology platform similar to ChatGPT, also recorded a decrease in traffic for three consecutive months. According to expert David F. Carr of Similarweb, the decline of tools ( .html) shows that the lure of freshness in chats is gone. “From now on, chatbots will have to prove their true value, instead of taking it for granted,” Carr assessed. Some other analysts say that the increasing expectations of users with AI become a challenge with tools like ChatGPT. According to RBC Capital Markets expert Rishi Jaluria, users will need AI with the ability to update information in real time. The big language models used in AI are still using training data from years ago and creating misinformation. Meanwhile, analyst Sarah Hindlian-Bowler at Macquarie said that the number of users growing into the hundreds of millions in a short time becomes a challenge for the tools. Pressure on infrastructure can lead to reduced accuracy of outputs. “It will take a combination of changing training patterns and dealing with the effects of policy,” Hindlian-Bowler said. In addition, there is an opinion that the decrease in access to ChatGPT’s website is also due to the fact that students are on summer break, leading to a decrease in the need to use AI to search for problem solutions. Others switched to using (ChatGPT app)( on iOS instead of accessing visit website. As of July, the ChatGPT app has attracted 17 million downloads, according to **. The bright spot with this chatbot is the interest from partners. Data shows that traffic to the developer site increased by 3.1% in June. (OpenAI)( could not be reached for comment. statistics above. However, according to experts, the company is not really disappointed about the drop, because ChatGPT is a free product, the purpose is for OpenAI to sell the technology solution behind or sell premium accounts. The reduced number of users makes it possible for OpenAI to save costs, as the tool costs about 700 thousand USD per day to operate. Launched in November 2022, ChatGPT became a craze around the world and is the fastest growing app in history with 100 million users after two months, attracting about 1.5 billion visits per month.



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