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Turn ChatGPT into Chatbot for Website in 5 minutes

You want to have a customer care staff, that responds to customer messages 24/24, answers all questions well, and gives the most standard answer. Certainly, it is very difficult for a human to be able to fully concentrate on doing one thing 24/7, just a robot. Do you feel that recently, ChatGPT has emerged as a fever and also have the desire to invite that charming employee to your team? Don’t worry, here’s the trick.

The AISTA website will help you fulfill your desire to invite ChatGPT to become a Chatbot, an employee on duty to answer messages 24/24.

First, register an account at AISTA, then log in to use.

Select CreateCloud, click Create, Demo version, and select London.

Wait for the page to set up a bit.

Then click on the URL you just created.

Continue to log into your account.

Another interface will appear, select Manage in the left toolbar, and select Machine Learning. Click here to connect API with ChatGPT

On the ChatGPT side, you click create API, then click copy the code and paste it into the Configure window that appears in the OpenAI API Key window. Click Save.

You are done with the API Connection step.

Return to the home page.

Click Add, and add your website. Note: the dot must be replaced by a dash, then press Save.

Then click Import, add the website’s link, click Crawl, and select Embed chatbot on the website.

Change the title for customers to read.

Then select Create, click Hyper, select “etc”, select “www”

Select the first icon, next to File&Folder to save.

Then the program will display the NewFile window.

The last line changed to index HTML. Press CTR+V to paste the code in

Create a basic HTML page for the website

Write the command create for a default html page for me, and press Enter.

The page will produce a piece of code, click copy the code, paste it into the Edit section

Move the code before the 2nd tag

Then press save.

Again click Manage, select Machine Learning

Then click Configure, click address, drag left, change the captcha to 0, press save

Finally hit vectorize.

However, this is just a demo of AISTA, the premium version will cost around 5,000,000.



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