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ChatGPT is getting worse and worse?

**According to a report made by researchers at Stanford University and UC Berkeley, ChatGPT’s ‘intelligence’ has actually declined significantly since the time this AI chatbot was launched.** At the time of November 2022, ChatGPT – AI chatbot capable of answering any question quickly created a fever on the internet, becoming the fastest growing web application in the history of the internet, attracting 100 million active users in the month of 2023, attracting 100 million active users in the month of 2023. Thanks to its ‘multi-talented’, netizens flocked to ChatGPT’s website, tested this chatbot and asked it to generate all kinds of documents such as emails, essays or even programming. However, everything seems to have changed in June 2023, almost 7 months after ChatGPT was launched, when this chatbot was receiving a lot of complaints from users. One of them comes from the fact that the latest AI model behind ChatGPT is GPT-4 which is gradually becoming more “dumb”, according to feedback from many users. In fact, this is also the conclusion of a recent report by researchers at two famous universities, Stanford and UC Berkeley. Accordingly, the performance of the AI ​​models GPT-3.5 (used at the time of the launch of ChatGPT) and GPT-4 (for paid users) is “very different”. Despite being ‘advertised’ by OpenAI as being more powerful, more advanced than GPT-3.5 when it comes to understanding images as well as text, the latest version of this major language model performs worse over time. time in the tasks for which it is tested. While these tasks are varied enough to ensure that GPT-4 is truly assessed fairly for abilities, including math-solving, answering sensitive questions, programming, and visual reasoning, this massive language model performed poorly. As of March, ChatGPT (with GPT-4) had 97.6% accuracy in identifying primes. But after only 3 months, the accuracy of ChatGPT dropped by 2.4%. Similarly, ChatGPT’s programming ability in June also became much worse, when the code was written with more errors than at the beginning of this year. Finally, ChatGPT is also “less willing to answer sensitive questions”. **No one can understand why GPT-4 has changed** The question of why GPT-4 has turned out to be so bad is something the team has yet to determine, according to Business Insider. “The report doesn’t explain why the GPT-4 degradation occurred. We don’t even know if OpenAI even knew this was happening,” said Ethan Mollick, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. It should also be added that ChatGPT performance issues have been noticed by users for months. Compared to the past, “but the quality seems to be worse.” “Perhaps OpenAI is trying to save costs,” the expert wrote on Twitter. Meanwhile, on OpenAI’s developer forum, a debate about ChatGPT’s decline in response quality broke out. Many users in the AI ​​community said that this could be considered a challenge with OpenAI. OpenAI’s most advanced major language, it should have a better performance to create an advantage in the increasingly fierce competition with competitors in the market. In particular, the AI ​​community is considering the declining quality of GPT-4 to be caused by a “radical redesign” of the model. However, OpenAI rejected this idea. “No, we didn’t make GPT-4 dumber. Quite the contrary: we make each new version smarter than the previous one,” said Peter Welinder, VP of Product at OpenAI. However, this statement by OpenAI representatives came before the report of the researchers at Stanford University was published. Previously, according to data from analytics firm SimilarWeb, global traffic to OpenAI’s ChatGPT website was estimated to drop by about 10% between May and June. The number of visits to this large language model has been on the decline since ChatGPT was launched last November. Accordingly, in June 2023, worldwide traffic from PCs and mobile devices to ChatGPt’s website decreased by 9.7% compared to the previous month. In the US, traffic dropped 10.3%. Similarly, the number of users accessing it globally decreased by 5.7%. Users also spend less time interacting with ChatGPT, with engagement in May down 8.5% from the previous month. “ChatGPT can no longer maintain the heat so it can become the most visited website in the world,” according to Similarweb. “In other words, Google is not in danger of being overshadowed by OpenAI’s technology demonstration site, which has become a cultural phenomenon.”



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