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Check tokenomic project ARB. Who is holding the most tokens?? Will the project follow the Air-discharge-collect-pump process?

**First is the right mindset when checking onchain. Tokenomic is only one part of the project analysis.** The project has many ways to fake the tokenomic or not publish the tokenomic at all. Like the ICP Technology Prince, for example. Be careful with ambiguous projects like this. Tokenomic is a token allocation table. This table is very important because it shows the salary and supply in the market will be in the hands of anyone. This table will be the most accurate at the time of TGE, because at that time the token distribution has not yet accumulated much. Therefore, I only mainly analyze tokenomics of new projects. At TGE: * If the supply is mostly in the hand of mm, it will push the roof. Sure. If MM grasps the supply, it must create more demand, create more demand by pushing the price to pull the fomo. * If the supply is mostly in the hands of ae users like an airdrop, MM must find a way to get that token back to them first, then push. The easiest way for you to sell is to release Fud news. So where to see tokennomic? I often look at the website: ( This page summarizes quite a full schedule of vesting projects If not here, Please go to the project’s doc to get tokenomic. If you go up there but don’t have it anymore, it’s a scam project, go away and become a person Someone will say onchain is what mm shows me. I admit that I never trust onchain absolutely. But every method I have learned and used to apply. If you want to get close, use a motorbike. But going far must combine many means together. The fact that the fish is transferring coins to the exchange or withdrawing to the wallet can be really annoying us, which I do not believe, But the issuance of tokens at this time of TGE cannot be faked. Public transparency and blockchain power are here. New tokens to the wallet, there is not much pump to discharge, not yet on Cex to hide, it is completely possible to determine who is in the hands of the supply. For me, at the time of the token release, technical analysis is meaningless, fundamental analysis is only a part, no matter how good the fundamental analysis of the project is, how terrible the backer mm is but the user holds all the coins. long time to push. ————————————————- **Really APT project tokenomic analysis. Check wallet distribution at TGE time to determine actual supply and demand.** Step 1: Go to TokenUnlock, we have APT’s Tokenomic table Look at Tokenomic table, At TGE time we have 3 circulating supply in the market: * Dao Arb Ecosystem : 113m Token * Invididual Wallet : 1,162B Token, this is ARB’s AirDrop wallet. * Arbitrum Treasury knife: 4,278B Token. This is the project wallet. Looking at the above distribution, the project accounts for about 80% of the total circulating supply of Arb. And can that 4,278B project be pulled out and discharged?, if it is taken out and discharged, it will be a huge blow to the next market because 4.3 billion tokens are released, then Arb will return to Mo. . Adding the above 3 numbers gives a total circulating supply of 5,553B tokens. But why when checking on Coinmarketcap, the total circulating supply is 1,275B Token. My explanation is that CoinMarketcap takes the total floating supply of 113m+1,162m=1.275B. They consider the DAO Arbitrum Treasury fund to be locked. I don’t believe in Coinmarketcap or any other site, I just believe in Blockchain. It’s all transparent, clear and decentralized on it. So let’s check where those 3 cash lines are and in whose hands?? Thời điểm TGE, phân phối token đầu tiên: ( Ảnh 2 mình đã thêm name Tags for wallets. 1. **Dao Arb Ecosystem: 113m tokens** Looking at the link, you can see that 112,834,000 Arb tokens have been transferred to 1 wallet, when you click on this wallet, the amount is still intact. This is the Arb Dao Ecosysteam wallet. 0xdca2bd62cdcb5f742dd3f97e820d40a0d52e914d So could this wallet ever be released by the project? This is possible because this is the amount spent on DAOs built on Arbitrum (airdrop to the wallet of DAO treasury) But now I see this wallet receiving tokens after 9 days is still lying still, as I think wallet This project will not be mentioned until now. I will temporarily ignore this number of tokens. Consider it locked, if there is a sale, I will update ** 2. Invididual Wallet : 1,162B Token** Look at the link to see 1 transaction to 1 wallet with 1,162,166,000 Arb tokens. When we click on this wallet, we see that more than 100,000 transactions have been found. Your money is working hard to do airdrop, but at the time of writing, this wallet has 178m Arb left. That means ARB has airdropped 984m of ARB tokens. So the circulating supply in the market is 984m token airdrop, this number of tokens is in the hands of the user. Ae has released and if she hugs, she will wait for the price to go up and release it. ** 3. Arbitrum Treasury knife: 4,278B tokens.** MM Holds 4.3 billion tokens, accounting for 80% of circulating supply, too terrible. This is really positive news for ARB holders. What to check? Still on the project distribution link above. But we can’t find any transaction of 4,278m tokens. Which has 2 transactions are * 3,527B token * 750m token Totally exactly 4,278B tokens. So the 2 transactions are inferred from the Dao Arbitrum Treasury. (see picture 2 to make it easier to see) If the wallet holds 3,527B, the wallet is at rest. The 750m wallet began to move tokens. There are 2 orders to transfer 40m tokens and 10m tokens. I checked my wallet, and this wallet moved in and out many times and through many intermediary wallets, but in short, I received 40m tokens but now the wallet has more than 1m tokens. If you check it more closely, it’s almost transferred to Binance Hot Wallet. What is the Arbitrum Treasury knife that can be transferred to such a token? The goal of most Treasury funds is to generate profits or benefits for the project in a long-term, sustainable way. That is according to the description of the project, but no one knows how realistic it is. It can be brought up and discharged. With the separation of this fund into 2 parts, 3,527B tokens and 750m tokens, I predict that this 750m will be distributed gradually and used to pump dump the project. Maybe the market will turn bad soon + this 750m wallet information is hacked, what if all the tokens are hacked, if so, I wouldn’t be too surprised. So to close: Total supply in the market is 984m(airdrop) + 750m(funds are discharging) = 1,734B tokens With the price of 1.3, MC is $ 2,254 billion. My opinion: Arb will still follow the dump- sw collection – discharge process. The other 750m token fund is still being distributed continuously, transferred to intermediary wallets and then transferred to Binance Hot Wallet. This wallet has just wandered around, but every time it is transferred to binance, it only transfers a few hundred thousand tokens, the ability to hide traces, big commands, many bots will report. From the 24th to now, about 40 million tokens have been transferred to Binance to release r. There are 700m more tokens at the end of the post: It’s really hard when it comes to checking wallets and writing like this. MN reading can be confused and difficult to understand. If you need, I will make a video for you or go to a live talkshow to check your wallet. I tried to write in the easiest way possible. If there is anything wrong, please forgive me. Wish you have a wise decision for yourself. Arb I will buy when it reaches 0.3-0.5, even about 0.15. over 0.5 please yield to others.

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