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China bans US chip company

Micron Technology became the first foreign semiconductor company to be banned by China, citing a “serious security risk”. The ban was introduced by the Chinese government after (Micron)( .html) failed to pass (assessment)( network security from Beijing. According to the conclusion, Micron’s products pose “severe cybersecurity risks, posing a significant security risk to China’s critical information infrastructure supply chain and national security”. As a result, any products from the US chip company will not be sold to critical information infrastructure (CIIO) operators in China. CIIO in China covers very broad sectors, many of which are considered important to national security and people’s livelihoods such as transportation, information and communication services, finance, and natural resources. nature, energy. “All CIIOs must stop buying Micron products,” a representative of the Cybersecurity Assessment Office, a division of the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), said on May 21. The decision was made by China 50 days after the CAC conducted an investigation into Micron’s products at the end of March, citing national security reasons. The ban is considered a (counterattack)( in the context of US love how to tighten the semiconductor segment of this country, and at the same time lobby countries such as Japan, the Netherlands, and South Korea to do the same. “It could be China’s way of sending a warning signal to neighboring countries like Japan or South Korea, who are starting to move to restrict Chinese semiconductors,” said analyst Wang Lifu of the research firm. ICwise told *SCMP* in early May, when Micron was being investigated. Micron currently sells chip products such as DRAM, NAND flash memory, and SSD drives. It is estimated that the company can lose about 11% of revenue each year. In 2022, the company achieved total revenue of 30.8 billion USD. According to *Bloomberg*, Micron’s major customers in China include Lenovo, Xiaomi, Inspur Electronics Information, ZTE, Coolpad, China Electronics Corp and Oppo. Micron was not immediately available for comment.



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