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Chinese smartphone company accuses Apple of ‘faking’ the Dynamic Island idea from a product launched 4 years ago

**Chinese phone brand claims it introduced a ‘similar’ feature to Dynamic Island on its smartphone 4 years ago** Honor, a brand split from Huawei in 2020, claims it This was the first party to introduce a feature similar to Dynamic Island, which was later made public by Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro. This is the recent statement of Mr. Zhao Ming, CEO of Honor, according to PhoneArena. Speaking at the MWC Shanghai event, Mr. Ming said that the phone industry is being held back by a lack of innovation. Apple itself also encounters obstacles in terms of having to innovate every year. According to him, Apple’s widely popular Dynamic Island feature has many similarities with the Smart Capsule of the Honor V20 smartphone, which was released in 2019. The iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island is a pill-shaped cutout with Smart features. This clipping can change size and shape depending on ongoing notifications and activities, such as battery charge status and incoming calls. This is one of the outstanding features that are only available on the high-end version of Apple’s iPhone Pro, when even the standard iPhone 14 models do not have it. One Android manufacturer has even “copied” this idea, while some developers have created apps to give Android users a ‘fake’ Dynamic Island experience. So while Dynamic Island sounds like an interesting new feature, Honor says it was actually the brand that first introduced the idea. The Honor V20’s capsule is a pill-shaped animation displayed on the right side of the camera cutout, which can display information such as call duration. Previously, the LG V10 smartphone also had a small secondary screen at the top to display notifications and shortcuts. That said, while Apple’s Dynamic Island may not be a completely novel idea, we still have to appreciate Apple for taking this feature to the next level. Meanwhile, Honor didn’t even focus too much on the Smart Capsule, if not barely mentioned this feature when the V20 was released.



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