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Close-up of the most awaited new details of iPhone 15 Pro

## **There have been many reports that the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro will have new style volume and mute buttons, but their design is still a mystery.** This change is confirmed. stated in an exclusive report by 9to5Mac recently that reads, “According to a source familiar with the manufacturing of certified accessories for Apple products, the iPhone 15 Pro series will remove the separate volume up and down buttons. separate to replace it with a new button that works both ways depending on where the user presses. The content added, the sources all indicated that the old-fashioned mute switch on the iPhone will be replaced by a new push button, meaning this button will also be capacitive and users will have to press hard to bring the phone. enter silent mode. Now, new CAD files not only corroborate reports regarding the keys on the iPhone 15 Pro, but also provide a closer look at the new design. A close-up of the most awaited new iPhone 15 Pro detail – 1 Image and video shared on Twitter by reliable leaker *ShrimpApplePro *shows a never-before-seen CAD drawing of the iPhone 15 Pro . In the leak, people can clearly see the new design of the volume buttons and mute switch. In the video, users can also clearly see the new unified volume buttons. Instead of two separate buttons for volume up and down, there’s a single capacitive button. Users can also see a new mute button design that replaces the previous mute switch. The video also corroborates a smaller camera protrusion on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Close-up of the most awaited new details of the iPhone 15 Pro – 2 The iPhone 15 Pro series is expected to adopt new solid-state buttons with haptic feedback similar to the Home button introduced with the iPhone 7. This can that is, the buttons will have no moving parts and can determine the pressure level to operate. Finally, the recently shared CAD files also seem to show that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will not be equipped with the new mute button design. Instead, they will keep the old-fashioned design.



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