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Coc Coc launches AI Chat and AI Search optimized for Vietnamese people

**From May 29th, browser for Vietnam market **(Coc Coc)( -duyet-web3-cho-nguoi-viet-1117997.ldo)** introduces AI Chat and AI Search, helping users enjoy more benefits from the digital space.** Coc Coc AI Chat is an application chatbot model Large Language Model (LLM), developed based on GPT 3.5 model and data from browser search. As a result, the product is capable of providing fast, up-to-date and accurate written answers. The product has the best support for Vietnamese language and supports translating queries in English to answer in Vietnamese. The outstanding difference of Coc Coc AI Chat lies in its ability to understand Vietnamese and flexibly and accurately handle query content with Vietnamese cultural characteristics – a limitation of most similar products on the Internet. market. Users can chat with Coc Coc AI Chat to get answers on a variety of topics, create content, handle language-related tasks such as summarizing, translating text, and more. Meanwhile, Coc Coc AI Search is a feature that provides answers by using AI to summarize content from results related to users’ queries, allowing users to get fast and accurate results. and more secure without having to visit multiple websites. Currently, these two products are currently in the testing process (Beta version), so certain limitations such as the limit on the number of users, the answer content is not really complete or it is still wrong. because the product is continuing to learn from the new database… Therefore, it is the actual users who can provide suggestions to make it better. (Coc Coc)( –1139179.ldo) currently has more than 29 million users in Vietnam. The Coc Coc search engine alone attracts more than 600 million monthly queries. With AI Chat and AI Search, Coc Coc contributes an affirmation of the competitiveness of Vietnamese technology enterprises in the race with global AI application product developers.



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