Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Compilation of a list of future Airdrop & Retroactive projects

I give you 1 sheet of projects, if you want to add any more projects, you can message me! After many big Airdrops like Optimism, Aptos and Arbitrum, are there any newcomers who want to change their position by doing Airdrop? Instead of participating in Futures to burn out sooner or later, why not plan to study this market seriously, see it as life, the future and be very disciplined and responsible for doing business. This. Then actively help the project, conduct testnet, hunt Airdrop / Retroactive properly, one day these efforts will help you change your position and how you perceive this Crypto market. It’s not just trading that makes money, in this market there are many ways to earn, just afraid that you don’t know or are lazy! Sheet here: If you are new, you should read the articles about Airdrop in our group! Read more about Airdrop: I will always update the latest project information for you guys!

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