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Continue to record iPhone 14 screen errors in Vietnam

# **Continue to record iPhone 14 screen error in Vietnam** **iPhone 14 in Vietnam has recorded more screen shadow error, also known as burn-in.** On many groups On social networks, Vietnamese users are reflecting on iPhone 14 models experiencing a screen burn-in error that occurs in the area around Dynamic Island and “rabbit ears”. Specifically, this error occurs not only on the iPhone 14 Pro series but also with the iPhone 14 Plus series. This is not the first time this error condition has appeared on iPhone 14. Burn-in error has been shared by users in two other countries, the US and China, on Twitter. Similar to other markets, iPhone 14 in Vietnam with this error will also be supported to replace the screen. Contacted the representative of an authorized Apple service center (AASP) in Vietnam, this person said that he had recorded 2 cases of iPhone 14 Pro Max with burn-in error since the time this model was opened for sale. “This is a fairly rare error situation. After Apple confirms the error, the device will be replaced by a new screen by AASP to fix it”, this person said. Not only recorded the burn-in error, in early January many iPhone 14 devices in Vietnam appeared with a white screen error, of which 70% was the iPhone 14 Pro Max model. According to Apple’s new warranty policy, from 1/4 genuine iPhone (code VN/A) can use warranty and repair services without a purchase invoice. Previously, users in Vietnam needed to provide invoices (paper invoices or electronic invoices) when warranty or iPhone repair at AASPs. “This new policy is intended to support Vietnamese users and genuine iPhones. Notebook models are still subject to strict billing requirements, many AASPs have decided to refuse the warranty because of too many fake invoices.” represent a shared AASP. In Vietnam, there are still a number of laptops, even though they have presented a purchase invoice, but are denied warranty because they are not eligible for warranty or replacement or repair when checking on Apple’s system. Users who own these devices are advised to bring the device back to the country of purchase for warranty support.



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