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Continuing the series on LayerZero:

1️⃣ Why is LayerZero so hard to hack? – As I said in the previous post, when transferring tokens from chain A to chain B, the person holding the token is the bridge guy, the wrapped token is just a check signed by the bridge guy. So if this bridge guy does anything, the person who loses money is the user. – LayerZero is different, when a token moves from chain A to chain B, this token will also be locked but locked in chain A. Then LayerZero will send a signal to chain B and you will have a similar Wrapped token on chain B. Because it is also a lock token and releases a wrapped token, when manipulating the Dapp, the user cannot distinguish it. 2️⃣ There are 3 reasons that all DeFi Dapps currently use LayerZero: – The structure of a blockchain consists of many layers, layer 0 is where the internet and P2P network is connected, then the consensus layer and the implementation layer (Layer1). ) then classes for Dapp. Most bridges operate at the application layer. And LayerZero works at layer 0, so LayerZero is very difficult to hack. – Also because it is a layer 0 operating protocol, LayerZero is very fast, in theory it is equal to the speed of the internet, that is, with a healthy network, clicking the button will always have results. As for those who work at the application layer, you should try swap once to know. – #User’s MONEY is always safe: Because of the special operating mechanism, your money is always safe. If LayerZero has a problem, the user’s money is still locked on chain A, if the dev of chain A is reputable, you can completely get it back. But most of the current chains like ETH, BNB, ADA, Avalanche are all big companies, so I believe it will back money for you. #ZRO #StargateFinance #STG #layer0 #protocol #money

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