Thursday, December 7, 2023


To analyze specifically the crisis that this bank is suffering, it may take dozens of Facebook posts that can’t be explained clearly. Because this crisis is just a drop of water for the problems that have existed in the banking industry for many years. And everyone will probably have the same question, what the hell is going on? ———————————– ***Crisis at Credit Suisse*** Specifically, stocks Credit Suisse’s share of Credit Suisse fell more than 20% on March 15, after the chairman of Saudi Nation Bank – Credit Suisse’s largest money provider – announced that it would no longer provide financial support, although he still rated Credit Suisse as a bank. strong goods. This invisibly raised concerns about the loss of credibility of this financial institution. At the moment, short-term problems have been basically resolved when Credit Suisse appeals to the Swiss Central Bank for a loan of 50 billion francs in cash. The markets immediately reacted positively to this news, however, it was only a buoy to solve Credit Suisse’s short-term problems. As for Credit Suisse to become a second SIVB or not, the answer is still open. ***Crisis of confidence*** What the hell is going on? Another major bank in the world, an important link of the European financial system, has just experienced a shock, pushing Credit Suisse very close to the brink of bankruptcy. And once again, the national central bank had to step in to solve the problem for something that shouldn’t have happened in a financial institution. Customers are massively withdrawing money at untrustworthy banks, to find places that they think are more responsible for their sweat. *As described by JP Morgan and Citibank: A huge amount of deposits are waiting to be deposited in the bank.* ***Assessment of the situation*** Same view from the previous post, *by One way or another, the Crypto market will benefit from the collapse of traditional financial institutions.* Because, $BTC was born for the purpose of peer-to-peer money transfer that does not depend on any third party. any three. As the public is gradually losing trust in the intermediary organizations in holding their money, they will have to find ways to protect their money by other methods, and $BTC in particular or the Crypto market. generally a method that allows them to do just that. *So every time something like this happens, remember why this market was born.*

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