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In 2023, one of the prominent trends attracting money in the crypto market is SocialFI. SocialFi is a phrase written from 2 words Social and Finance. Simply put, it is a combination of decentralized finance and social networking platforms. When today’s popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram were built and operated on web2.0. Their users create a lot of quality, valuable content, but the people who own these platforms are the ones who reap the profits. With that situation, SocialFi projects were born to solve the above problem. The platform will help content creators and developers control their personal data as well as their content on social networks, thereby making money on the content they produce. In recent times, projects in the Sociail segment have launched and created great buzz in the community including: HOOK, EDU. And if everyone has missed the above 2 projects, we definitely can’t miss Cyber ​​Connect in the near future. **first. WHAT IS CYBERCONNECT AND THE NEED OF BYBERCONNECT** CyberConnect is WEB3’s earliest and largest decentralized social graph protocol, which works on BNB Chain and Ethereum. At CyberConnect, users can create profiles for themselves, post or share content (images, videos…), connect with other users in the system. It includes three key user-focused features: CyberProfile, a decentralized identity standard that provides access to Web3; CyberConnect social graph, linking your digital identity, data, content and friends; and CyberWallet, a smart contract wallet that securely stores your digital assets and provides easy rollout to Web3. Although the project works in the social network segment, it will not launch applications such as Facebook, Instagram. Instead, CyberConnect will develop social graphs (Social Graph) – helping users access many social networking applications and still retain information. For example: personal information, friend relationships, interests,… CyberConnect will be launched in 2021. Up to now, there are more than 50 projects using the decentralized social networking protocol. CyberConnect’s hub to build social features for real-world use cases, such as: community-owned social networks, marketplaces, content discovery and management tools. As of May 2023/887, the CyberConnect protocol has (327)( thousand CyberProfiles and (7 thousand)( -link3-metrics) monthly active wallet made over (3.1 million)( transactions. More than (900.3 verified organizations)( use their CyberProfiles to build Web1 native objects, including (Messari)( messari), (Lido)(, (3inch)(, (CoinMarketCap)(, (Mocaverse) )( **2. FEATURES OF BYBERCOONECT** **CyberConnect SDK:** a tool that supports dApps with built-in connection functions (JS SDK, tracking…). **Social Verifier: **CyberConnect provides an open source social verifier and publicly verified listings. **NFT Ownership: **verify ownership of NFT (NFT Ownership) on the Ethereum blockchain. **CyberConnect API: ** is a tool that makes it easy for Dapps to query connection data from the protocol. **Recommendation Engine: **is a feature that suggests relevant friends to users. **3. HIGHLIGHTS OF CYBERCONNET** **+ Flexibility and extensibility:** People often get annoyed with having to register and re-declare friends on every website. With a decentralized social graph CyberConnect allows each user to leave the app and join a new one without losing any contact with a friend or having to keep a list of everyone. Scalable CyberConnect protocol for aggregating user identities and data across blockchain networks. **+ Accelerate Dapp bootstrapping: **When social graphs are isolated from each other, developers are forced to build user networks from scratch when launching a new app. This makes the initial build of the application extremely difficult. The CyberConnect protocol integrates social connections into an open graph to support diverse innovations and social benefits in the ecosystem over time. **+ Empowering users with privacy: **CyberConnect protocol empowers users with autonomy over how, where, and for what purposes their social data is used. Users can freely create, edit and transfer data on a diverse set of dApps in the CyberConnect ecosystem to help users keep information secure. **4. PRODUCT** With the trend of establishing a new social segment in which users truly own, giving users maximum control over their digital and distraction-free lives. **+ ccProfile** ccProfile is a .cyber domain similar to the Web3 Name Service (link). Each domain will act as user profile in the form of ERC-721 NFT and need to pay a registration fee. For each profile, the user can create a web page with all relevant information. For example website, twitter… **+ Content (EssenceNFT)** Once the profile is created, the user can start creating any content (posting short content like videos), the organizer will grant the part reward/recognize the participation of those creators. **+ SubscribeNFT** With CyberConnect protocol users can pay to register profiles, each successfully registered profile will be given a SubscribeNFT. **+ Link3** Link3 is a Web3 social networking platform, built and developed based on CyberConnect protocol. **5. TOKEN CYBER** **- CYBER Token Key Metric** Token Name: CyberConnect Ticker: CYBER Blockchain: Ethereum, BNB Chain… Token Contract: Updating… Token Type: Utility Total Supply: 100,000,000 CYBER Circulating Supply: Updating… ** + CYBER Token Use Cases** The CYBER token has the following use cases: Token is used as Cyber ​​Profile mint fee, gas fee in Cyber ​​Wallet. The token is also used by the protocol to administer the community of CyberConnect. **+ CYBER Token Allocation** CYBER is allocated according to the following ratio: Ecosystem Development: 34%. Where: Developer Community: 10% Marketing: 10% Ecosystem Partners: 9% Early Integration Partners: 5% Private Sale: 25.12% Team: 15% Community Rewards: 12% Community Treasury: 10.88% Coinlist Public Sale: 3% ** + Token Release Schedule** CYBER will be issued according to the following schedule: Team & Advisors: Locked for 15 months, then paid quarterly for 3 years. Private Sale: Lock for 12 months, then pay quarterly for 3 years. Community Treasury: Pay 10% at TGE, then pay monthly for 5 years. Community Rewards: Pay 20% for early users at TGE, the remaining 80% will be allocated to further events. Coinlist Public Sale: Pay 25% at TGE, then will be paid monthly for 6 years from Q4 of 2023. Ecosystem Development: Ecosystem Partners: Pay 20% at TGE, the remaining 80% will be paid monthly in 3 years later. Developer Community: Pay 5% at TGE, 95% will then be paid monthly for 4 years. Early Integration Partners: Pay 10% at TGE, the remaining 90% will be paid monthly over 3 years. Marketing: Pay 10% at TGE, the remaining 90% will be paid monthly for the next 3 years. CYBER Token Sale On May 18, 2023, CYBER will be open for sale on Coinlist and registration deadline is May 15, 2023. **6. STORAGE Wallet** Metamask, Trust Wallet, C98 wallet **7. ROADMAP** **Q2/2023** Launch of SDK that allows projects to integrate Login feature with CyberConnect. Increase the number of projects and the number of users in the ecosystem. Launching Link3 Post. Integration with XMTP, Notifi, PUSH, Livepeer and Lit Protocol **Q3/2023** Launched CyberConnect v3 and extended more EVM chains. CyberConnect Wallet beta launched. Upgrade .cyber to omni-chain name. **Q4/2023** Implemented more features for Cyber ​​Wallet. Launch the CyberConnect Grant Program for devs. Raise the number of dApps in the ecosystem to over 120 and the number of users to over 1.5 million. **8. PROJECT TEAM** **Wilson Wei (Co-founder)**: has many years of experience in the blockchain field. He is also the founder of Dlive, a joint decentralized streaming project for gamers and fans. He is also a co-founder of Lino Network and was acquired by TronNetwork in 2019. **Ryan Li (Co-founder)**: was a co-founder of Dlive and Lino Network. He has 10 years of experience as a software engineer and has developed software for Google and Instagram. **Shiyu Z (Co-founder)**: used to be the co-founder of Dlive and Lino Network. **Zhimao Liu (Co-founder)**: is a person with many years of experience in software development for Facebook and Google. **9. INVESTORS AND PARTNERSHIP** CyberConnect successfully raised capital in 2 rounds with a total amount of 25 million USD, led by investment funds such as Multicoin Capital, Sky9 Capital, Animoca Brands… Seed Round 11/16/2021 : 10 million USD Series A Round 17/05/2022: 15 million USD **Partners** CyberConnect partners are: BNB Chain, Galxe, Coinbay, Atticc, RociFi, dappback, Zetachain, Treasureland, TwitterScan, Top Goal, SphinxUp… **10. SUMMARY** With the current situation when the cash flow is pouring in quite a lot on the Social segment. CyberConnect will have the potential to develop in the near future and can become one of the most important and important projects in the Social field. And it is also seen as the hinge project for the upcoming return of Coinlist. This is my first time writing an article so mistakes are inevitable. Hope everyone can take a moment to review and comment. Thank you very much.

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