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CyberConnect project analysis: What opportunities do you have?

From the end of December 2022, **CyberConnect** aired with a series of AMAs with 18 potential projects such as **P12**, **TreasureDAO**, **Maverick**, **Phaver**, **zkLink**, **ZetaChain**, **Zerion**, **Wombat**, **Kudasai**, **Mirror World**… Now** Link3** acts as 1 event planner, there are many interesting rewards such as free **Link3 handle** (same as Twitter handle), free **W3STs**, and free **Link3 Mystery Box** (floor price) at mint in January 2023 was $280, now it’s… $900). At that time, I also bit my teeth to mint a handle for $ 20~25 (Ethereum network), thinking of doing retro. At the end of February 2023, CyberConnect launched the **CONNECTED 2023 – A Web3 Social Hackathon** event, with the aim of creating a playground and cheering for social projects on Web3, I also voted for Phaver and favorite projects. prefer. Through March 12, CyberConnect launched an event **FanClub** for the community to earn points to redeem rewards in 2 weeks, this campaign was also quite successful when many people participated and claimed many valuable gifts (**Mini Shard*) * floor price $5, and **Link3 Mystery Box **(floor price 0.48E) And open mint handle for free (if 12 characters or more, BSC network) for everyone, at this moment I’m quite sad and not I want to follow up, thinking how to do business first so that the mint price is now free.After 2 weeks of time, until yesterday 28/4, CyberConnect announced that it would open a token sale on **Coinlist**, and the important thing is, the project DON’T FORGET to mention the community when spending 12% of Allocation Tokens for **Community Rewards**, from **W3ST** holder to **ccProfile** minter, leveled when participating **FanClub**, have a role on **Discord**, hold **Mystery Box **or **Mini Shards**, and have **donate** for them on **Gitcoin**! So, with the way of working PRO like the CyberConnect team (which is really different from the SUI guy a few weeks ago), I consider this to be a SCIENCE, so for those who have missed most of the categories I mentioned above. (to have a share of 12% for the community), you can still register to buy $CYBER on Coinlist right now. ## **MAIN INFORMATION:** * Registered on 15/05, only on Coinlist * Limit to buy 100$ – 500$. * 25% unlock TGE, the rest will be paid in installments in 6 months starting from Q4 of 2023. With a series of similar projects lined up such as **Hooked Protocol**, **SPACE ID**, **Lens Protocol **, the current launch of CyberConnect – with a huge backer (see photo), (#**SocialFi)( jDXGtECTzi1luAh0dMt8PN8tSowU3VLy45Z8FS-TUI40PUO2TsLKGhvHw7Ytyq-u-GQoZSAuS35yPGrJ2R3IpkRDn1woM84ZrDAgFzVGV7JtILvjXpDloWF5LexW6UR __tn__=*NK-R)** is very likely to be interested and promoted as a trend for the coming season, you should not miss it! **KYC** on Coinlist is quite simple and fast, please take advantage of the holiday, if you have any questions, comment below

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