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Cycle and timing of the Meme Coin season, when can I start investing?

In the previous post, I shared with you a case study x70 times accounts by trend meme coin, those who haven’t read it can read it again here: ( 571790881767961/ )( **After I finished writing, a lot of people asked when I could start using the method, so I wrote This second post is used as a reference for how I analyze the timing of money flow in crypto.** Currently on Binance there are 4 main meme coins including: $Doge $Shib $Pepe $Floki ($ People $Lunc $FTT,.. I won’t list it here because it doesn’t lead the meme trend) ## Necessary conditions for the meme season to take place In order for the Meme Season to take place, 1 meme coin is required to be listed on Binance and have at least a % growth from 200% to 1000% Meme Season 1st: $Doge Meme Season 2: $Shib Meme Season 3: $Pepe/$Floki So to analyze the timing of the meme season you just need to analyze the price of meme lead trending teams Currently in the past there were $Doge and $Shib as 2 Meme Season lead coins, so I will analyze based on these 2 coins ## Analysis of $Doge and $Shib **$Doge (Picture 1): ** * Price reduced by 60% from peak after listing Binance * Accumulation time 4-6 months before receiving pump * Author’s note: $Doge doesn’t have a strong season meme at the beginning of the list, so Doge’s data is for reference only **$Shib (Picture 2): ** **(https://www.tradingview .com/x/SN9DmA4O/)(** * Price down 80% from peak after Binance listing * Accumulation time 5 months before pump * Profit Author: I should look at Shib’s case study to be more accurate than Doge’s, because Shib’s list in May is similar to Pepe and Floki’s time and the time when Shib list is also when the meme season ends **So for that 2 ways to make the price of MM above, can give results:** * After listing Binance, Meme coin needs to be accumulated for a period of 4-6 months before being pumped * Meme Coin price after listing Binance down from 60-80% from the top * In this article I will not mention Onchain because it will be very long, everyone just needs to know that onchain is in phase with the price chart of Doge and Shib **So if we put the analysis The above analysis on the graphs of $Pepe and $Floki will have a relative timing of the next altcoin season** ## **Priceline analysis of $Pepe and $Floki** **$Pepe (Picture 3) :** ( * Price could drop 80% from peak * Pump time possible predicted to fall in September to November this year **$Floki (Picture 4):** ( /uhJvWySp/) * Price of $Floki is better held than $Pepe * Price can drop 60-70% from peak * Pump time can be predicted September to November this year ## Author’s note: In my experience $Floki will be the next lead trend meme coin, not $Pepe Reasons: * Floki’s price line is very well supported, Trading volume is stable * $Pepe is expected to be more than $Floki so it will be heavy, $Floki since the list has no news, it is not natural that Binance chooses to list $Pepe and $Floki at the same time * $Pepe and $Floki are the same as $Doge ($Pepe ) and $Shib ($Floki), $Doge list trend in May, then $Shib lead trend in October of the same year ## **So when can I start buying Meme Coin?** ## **Brothers You can choose Timing to buy Meme coins in 2 ways:** **Option 1: Buy when whales start to collect** This way is quite simple, find a few whale wallets with great profits in the previous meme season (Profit equal to how to buy quantity, avoid looking for wallets to change life thanks to 1-2 coins, the reason can be that it is a dev wallet. Wallets that buy large amounts of new coins are likely to be personal wallets), follow and spread capital according to sharks **Option 2: Timed purchases** * Once the pump time of $Pepe and $ has been estimated Floki around September – November this year, you can spread buy 2 months earlier at the end of July or when BTC bottoms * If this way you should choose new coins, have clean contracts, do not choose again the old coins were created 2-3 years ago Maybe just write 2 articles about Meme, not many malicious elements call me to write a call to buy a meme to drive chickens, I’m enough to earn money from trading I don’t have time to go and pee on my compatriots

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