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Did Apple reality glasses: launch next June?

Previous rumors have indicated that Apple’s first reality glasses will launch this spring. However, the latest report says that this schedule has been pushed back to the Developers Conference (WWDC). takes place in June.

According to AppleInsider, glasses running mixed reality software will be the next product category that Apple plans to introduce to users. This product is considered a computer capable of moving with users to different locations for work or entertainment.

According to a report from Bloomberg. Apple is aiming to unveil its first mixed reality glasses at WWDC 2023 to be held in June. It’s two months behind reports. Previously, the product would appear in April. Leak expert Ming-chi Kuo also previously shared that Apple’s mixed reality glasses won’t ship until the second half of 2023. In line with the release date in June.

It is known that Apple is currently pushing into virtual reality or a form of mixed reality. That adds augmented reality (AR) aspects after years of research and development. CEO Tim Cook has also frequently expressed the company’s interest in AR. Likely in connection with the release of a Google Glass-like product called Apple Glass.

The stepping stone for AR experiences is expected to be virtual reality glasses. The product will run Apple’s own xrOS operating system and display information through powerful screens. That lie in front of the user’s eyes to obscure the world around them. At launch, the device is expected to cost up to $3,000.



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