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Difference between drivers using iPhone and Android

## **American Trucks conducted a survey of 1,000 Americans, including 500 iPhone users and 500 Android users. The results show some slight differences between them.** Smartphones have become one of the most useful tools in our daily lives. It is very difficult to ignore smartphones for any reason. Sitting for an hour without touching a smartphone is a very difficult thing to do these days. Difference between iPhone and Android drivers – 1 User (iPhone)( and (Android)(https://www.24h behaves differently while driving. Unlike the days of feature phones, smartphones can do a lot of things. Thanks to the existence of smartphones, many people who work with laptops can now continue to work without them. While useful, smartphones can also act as a distraction at work. Speaking of distractions, there’s no denying that smartphones are one of the most distracting gadgets in people’s daily lives. This distraction seems to be a kind of addiction that few people can overcome. For some reason, many people can’t take their hands off their smartphones for just an hour. In just a few short minutes, they reached for the phone. The Difference Between iPhone and Android Drivers – 2 iPhone users are often careful while driving. This addiction has a lot of side effects and can even be life-threatening, mostly occurring while driving. One minute of traffic jams can make most people bored and reach for their phone. The notification sound from the phone can make them do the same. In many cases, people can see people driving while looking at their phones or making calls. Some may be texting, reading text messages on their phones, or just scrolling through social media sites. However, there is a difference between iPhone and Android users in their driving behavior on the road that determines their device choice. This fact is drawn from a survey conducted by American Trucks to determine which iPhone and Android users are safer and more informed while driving on the road. The number of penalty tickets aimed at iPhone users is more than Android. According to the survey, Android users don’t text as much as iPhone users while driving. The percentage margin of this survey is only 2%. The survey proved that iPhone users are more likely to be the cause of accidents than Android users. iPhone users are responsible for 20% of accidents while Android users account for 15% of accidents due to distraction. Also according to the survey, iPhone users are more likely to experience road rage than Android, although by a small margin. Meanwhile, iPhone users are more knowledgeable about road signs, rules and regulations than Android users. Differences between iPhone and Android drivers – 4 Speaking of traffic laws, iPhone users are better than Android users. The results of the survey clearly draw a line between iPhone and Android users when it comes to driving. It shows that both users behave differently on the road. iPhone users are more knowledgeable about traffic laws and signs than Android users, but they have a higher rate of traffic accidents and also receive more tickets.



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