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Disappointing rumors about iPhone 15 Pro Max

# **Disappointing rumors about iPhone 15 Pro Max** **The top-end iPhone of 2023 could reuse some technology from the previous generation, including the main camera sensor.** With Users are waiting for the arrival of iPhone 15 Pro Max, rumors about this model receiving many improvements make them even more eager. There was once information that Apple will equip the flagship with a new main camera, based on the 1-inch Sony IMX903 sensor. However, a leaked source has just appeared to be disappointing. According to Twitter account *Revegnus*, iPhone 15 Pro Max continues to use IMX803, 48 MP 1/1.28 inch sensor of the previous generation. At the same time, this high-end smartphone is also equipped with an M12 OLED panel, the technology available on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. If the source is correct, the two important features including the screen and the main camera on the iPhone 15 Pro Max are basically the same as the predecessor, without significant hardware upgrades. The difference is probably only in the screen size. Current leaks suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will measure 159.8 x 76.7 mm, slightly smaller than the 160.7 x 77.6 mm version of the 2022 release. *Revegnus* also revealed that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is powered by the A17 Bionic chipset, manufactured on TSMC’s 3 nm process. *Phone Arena* claims that the iPhone 15 Pro also has this new chipset, while the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus use the A16 Bionic. Finally, the leaked source said that the iPhone 15 Pro Max has 8 GB of LPDDR5 RAM, higher than the 6 GB of its predecessor. In fact, all 4 iPhone models released in September 2022 have the same amount of RAM, but only the Pro version is equipped with the higher speed LPDDR5 type. *Revegnus* makes no mention of the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s telephoto camera. Rumors that have appeared in a row recently all claim that Apple’s 2023 flagship will be the first iPhone to own a periscope lens, increasing the optical zoom level from the current 3x to 5-6x. In addition, users are also waiting for the USB-C port to appear on the iPhone 15 series to replace the “old” Lightning.



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