Friday, September 29, 2023
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Discovered an “early buy” $PEPE wallet and changed its life by turning $700 into $1.2M (x1700)

It could be insider trading because only after a few hours after the trading pool was opened, I bought PEPE, then moved to 10 other wallets to sell each part (selling April 17, April 23-24). Currently sold out PEPE, switched to bullish Metis system, simultaneously bought top tokens on Metis such as $HERMES, $HUM, $AERA. Wallet address: 0x136d02dc8af604a5f943be670f826b6cd5b9b660 PEPE lovers check out this wallet profile. (#Datafi)( pu81aG5unulZhr5GvOvknAnoI1Iks0OpQua_Yg1tU0J6uQw6H_bYSDaPxFgiLxq2eYC5Rd0lgKljyoqDGJ8u-wfCU3BKQs&__tn__=*NK-R) (https://www.PEPE) vOvknAnoI1Iks0OpQua_Yg1tU0J6uQw6H_bYSDaPxFgiLxq2eYC5Rd0lgKljyoqDGJ8u-wfCU3BKQs&__tn__=*NK-R)

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