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Do you know how to detect and remove eavesdropping software on smartphones?

# **Do you know how to detect and remove eavesdropping software on smartphones?** What if there is an eavesdropping software installed in your phone and bad guys will take advantage of them to collect personal data your multiplication for bad purposes? ## **What is eavesdropping software?** You must have heard of eavesdropping devices for many purposes of work, criminal investigation… Similarly, eavesdropping software is installed on your phone. mobile phone, allowing someone to monitor and listen to your conversations remotely through the phone. With each different type of eavesdropping software, there will be different features, but most of them have tracking features such as: Call history (displaying incoming-outgoing phone numbers, date and time). call). Text, picture messages (phone number and SMS content). Telephone directory. Internet Browser (Access History and Bookmark). Location of the phone. Photo gallery on phone. The email is downloaded to the phone. With a jailbroken iPhone or a rooted Android phone (granting root access), these eavesdroppers can track even more including: Certain messaging apps (WhatsApp, Viber, etc.) Skype). Phone conversations. Using the phone’s microphone, record everything around to eavesdrop. This makes it easy for bad guys to collect your information on online sites and profit from it. ## **Signs that your phone may have eavesdropping software** *Battery suddenly drops* Over time, you will notice that your phone’s battery life is no longer what it was when you first bought it, this is completely normal. But if you see a sudden battery drop, you need to consider it. Phone spy software can take up a lot of resources, they are working in the background, running GPS and doing other work. Therefore, when you see the battery suddenly decrease rapidly and you are not using your phone, your phone may have been installed with eavesdropping software. *Check mobile data* Cell phone spy software often uses a lot of data to perform its actions. Have you noticed an anomaly in the use of your data? If yes then eavesdropping is the reason for this anomaly. This is especially bad when you are on a pay-per-day data plan, even when using an unlimited data plan it often lags after using a certain amount of data. *The phone temperature rises suddenly* Many reasons lead to this situation such as using the phone for too long, charging and the device charging poorly or applications running in the background… But if your phone is too hot, you need to consider the case where the phone is installed with eavesdropping software. *A strange sound appears when making a call* There are cases where the call signal is not good, the signal is lost, etc. also produces strange sounds. However, if you regularly hear beeps, echoes or white noises, then check for eavesdropping software or not. Phone automatically turns on – off You don’t touch or control the phone but it turns on – off abnormally? That could be a sign of spyware on the phone. *Received a lot of strange messages* You receive a strange message with a series of confusing letters and numbers like a certain code? Bad guys often take advantage of them to communicate with the device and send it a command. For example, they can request your address by sending you a message with a predefined code. ## **How ​​to remove eavesdropping software from your phone** A must-do is, you need to check if your phone is jailbroken (with iPhone) or rooted (with Android) or not? When jailbroken or rooted, your phone can install software from outside without going through the Google Play store (CH Play) or the AppStore. In this case, even the iPhone, which is the most secure quality product, can’t handle it. Software like Cydia, Icy, Installer, Installous and SBSettings… are commonly used tools to crack security. If you detect one of these apps in your phone, chances are your phone has been hacked. You can find it in the main screen. *Finding eavesdropping software manually* Eavesdropping applications often don’t show their real name and logo, but disguise themselves under another application such as Notepad. Therefore, go to Settings >> select Apps and check each application to see if anything unusual is going on. *Setting the phone to factory defaults* To search for eavesdropping software is very time consuming, you can optimize your time by returning the phone to factory default mode. Note, back up important information before deleting to the original default mode. *Use an anti-virus application* Anti-virus software will protect your phone from external attacks including eavesdropping software. Therefore, install an anti-virus application for your phone. *Protect your phone from eavesdropping* You should proactively protect your phone by preventing strangers from using your phone, setting lock modes (screen, apps), pin codes, fingerprint… and be careful with the settings in the device. Having eavesdropping software on your phone will bring a lot of trouble and affect your life, hope this article will help you deal with your problem.



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