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Do you know how to fix Safari not working on iPhone?

**Follow these simple steps to fix Safari if it’s not working properly on your iPhone.** Safari is the native browser for iPhone, iPad and MacBook. It comes pre-installed on almost every Apple device, and it’s designed to be fast and efficient with those devices. However, there are times when Safari doesn’t work. When this happens, it usually means there’s an installation or software problem. There are even cases where you cannot access the Internet at all on your iPhone or iPad. There are many ways you can try to get Safari working again. ## **first. Restart your device** While this may sound too simple to do, restarting your iPhone or iPad has been known to clear your available storage, which can increase Safari speed. If Safari crashes or just has a blank white screen, restarting your iPhone or iPad may also fix these problems. Before you try anything else, just make sure you cover the basics. If you’re new to Safari or an Apple device, you might want to check out our beginner’s guide to Safari for iPhone and iPad users. ## **2. Disable Safari Suggestions** Turning off Safari Suggestions is one of the simplest and most common fixes for Safari not loading or crashing on Apple devices. While we’re not sure why this works, many users reported that disabling it fixed the problem. To turn off suggestions, go to Settings > Safari > Safari Suggestions and turn the feature off. You can also turn off Search Engine Suggestions while you’re there, as some users reported this also fixed the problem. Some users have also said that blocking Safari pop-ups on your iPhone can improve Safari’s memory usage. So you might want to try this too. ## **3. Turn on mobile data for Safari** If you connect to Wifi often, you can turn off mobile data for Safari to save Internet data. While helpful, if your Wifi is not working properly, connecting to mobile data may fix your problem. To do this, go to Settings > Cellular > Safari and turn it on. If it is disabled, this is most likely the cause of your problem. Alternatively, you can turn off Wifi if already connected and only connect to mobile data. If you can connect this way, it means there is a network problem with your Wifi network. ## **4. Clear all Safari data** If you frequently use Safari, you may have a lot of data stored in the app, causing it not to load correctly. This is especially true if you’re using an iPhone or iPad with a lower storage capacity. If you get a low memory message, this fix might solve your problem. To clear Safari data, go to Settings > Safari > Clear history and website data. This will delete all additional data in the Safari app. Some users report that this works, but you’ll need to do it often if you can’t get rid of the storage elsewhere on your iPhone. ## **5. Updating iOS to the Latest Version** Some users have reported that updating iOS resolved the issue with Safari. Whether Safari doesn’t load, hangs, or doesn’t connect to websites, try updating iOS on your iPhone. Apple has done a great job of fixing common problems with iOS updates. So if there is an issue that Apple is aware of, it can be fixed with the next update. ## **6. Reset your network settings** If you’ve had problems with your network in the past, such as no service or page timeouts, resetting your Network Settings may help. To reset Network Settings on your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone (iPad) > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This will only reset your Network Settings and will not erase any other data on your iPhone. ## **7. Use an Alternative Browser** If the above fixes don’t work, there may be an iOS bug with Safari and you need to wait for the next update and hope it gets fixed. Until then, you can try using an alternative browser to access the Internet on your device. There are many great browsers available in the App Store that can meet your needs. Be sure to check back for iOS updates and see if Apple has resolved this bug. You can also start a new discussion in the Apple Discussion Community to see if anyone else is having the same issue.



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