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Does Coinlist give priority to family members in the sale last night?

Perhaps many of you stayed up late last night to solve the capcha and wait for a Cyber ​​Connect investment slot on Coinlist **Coinlist**, also many users came back to join in the hope of xnxx. However, it seems that with this return, Coinlist is not too interested in users by the following expressions: * KYC takes a long time, while they promise up to 5-7 days of approval? Is the infrastructure or human resources overloaded? * When the token sale took place, many people said that the order number was less than 2k, but couldn’t buy it???? It’s really annoying * Someone finished the purchase, showing an error, the account was suddenly banned?? another question mark * The history of token sale and token payment of Coinlist is also not transparent with many disadvantages that investors have to bear (delayed token payment, withdrawal withdrawal…) This period also did not have many airdrop parties showing off. winning, raising the question of whether the other 8000 WL slots are really for users or for relatives, when the OGs participating from the beginning of CyberConnect are not on the list??? QUESTION POINT NUMBER 5 **If a player cannot participate fairly and has a super low probability of winning plus unnecessary errors from a platform that has many years of IDO experience. Will this signal the end of Coinlist? Do you feel angry?** **I also hope to invest in a good coin, xxx but coinlist does it this way!** (#Coinlist)( 6&__cft__(0)=AZW-d56xgCP31STpGNnVMvsDGGshU9N3oiI0HXkc7FLix76cyumM7heuv-DHlGcV-dgPQIBIRr_p_XCjvg7Dxd3ebD3wcc9fhQKofdc15Ywr05xl4XHU EHJr9dRPatvjK6Fa04Y_hvYkilIOR6_JM2bFbAQZ1KBcNxE&__tn__=*NK-R) (#DTCT) (#DTCT)( M7heuv- DHlGcV-dgPQIBIRr_p_XCjvg7Dxd3ebD3wcc9fhQKofdc15Ywrxl001U4GU05OD4XHkFU_MLtpHWxxs-b8xwizTu3gEHJr9dRPatvjK6Fa04Y_hv_JZ1KBIOR6 ) (#dautucointot)( dc15Ywrxl001U4GU05OD4XHkFU_MLtpHWxxs-b8xwizTu3gEHJr9dRPatvjK6Fa04Y_hvYkilIOR6_JM2bFbAQZ1KBcNxE&__tn__=*NK- R) (#dautu)( wrxl001U4GU05OD4XHkFU_MLtpHWxxs-b8xwizTu3gEHJr9dRPatvjK6Fa04Y_hvYkilIOR6_JM2bFbAQZ1KBcNxE&__tn__=*NK-R) (#dautucoin)(https: // 4XHkFU_MLtpHWxxs-b8xwizTu3gEHJr9dRPatvjK6Fa04Y_hvYkilIOR6_JM2bFbAQZ1KBcNxE&__tn__=*NK-R)

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