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Domain name costs 10,000 VND for Vietnamese people

Users who register a personal domain name only pay 10,000 VND, or free for people 18-23 years old. Vietnam Internet Center VNNIC on May 31 announced the deployment of a number of new domain names including, and In which, is for artificial intelligence, for digital technology and for online personal branding. The new domain names will be deployed from June 1, at the same time as Circular No. 20 2023 of the Ministry of Finance, regulating fees and charges for registration and maintenance of the use of national domain names .vn and .vn and Internet address (IP). One of the new points of Circular 20 is to encourage people to use personal domain names, in the form of This is a third-level domain name, meaning that people after registration will own a web address of the form **, where “abc” is the name that users can register with agents, if no one is using it. This domain name has a registration fee of 10,000 VND, a maintenance fee of 50,000 VND per year, the cheapest among .vn domain names. People aged 18-23 are free for the first two years and only have to pay a maintenance fee from the third year. This free policy also applies to business households registering domain names. According to VNNIC, the incentive is to help people access and exploit domain name spaces to serve digital economy and digital society activities. “Young people can experience and improve their digital skills, find job opportunities, and connect with the community through building their own personal brand on the Internet with their personal website,” a VNNIC representative said. Meanwhile, free helps small and medium enterprises and business households easily build and develop their brand and online business through the website. **Discounts on .vn domain names** In addition to the above-mentioned incentives for third-level domains, Circular 20 also regulates fees and charges for .vn domain names. According to the new price list, the registration fee for most national domain names .vn will be reduced from 50 to 91.6%, the domain name maintenance fee will be reduced from 30 to 33%, applied from June 1. For example, with a regular .vn domain name, users only lose 100,000 VND for registration and 350,000 VND for maintenance per year. According to VNNIC, the above incentives are “appropriately adjusted to ensure wide coverage” for user groups, contributing to large-scale digital transformation. From promoting the use of national domain names in particular and domestic online services in general, people and businesses have a safe tool and solution to use on the Internet at a low cost. The center also encourages people and businesses to use .vn domain names for digital services such as e-commerce business websites, blogs, and emails.



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