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There are many brothers who still wonder how they can miss out on good AIR DROP bets like BICO (2021). APTOS, OP (2022). That’s because you haven’t worked hard to find out and know what you need to do for this AIR DROP niche. Now I will show you how to find potential AIR DROP projects in the future!! 1. **Search for projects** * This step, I see that there are many shared posts in the group, so I would like to note those articles here:( permalink/467865742160476/)( 1. Criteria for air drop * After finding the project, we must find out what the air drop criteria of the project is, then follow the request. is to be. However, there are a few projects that give air drop criteria after people have run the project for a while, so when the project has activities and programs, we should all participate in order not to be disqualified. miss. * In recent projects, the criteria have become more stringent to avoid the tool brothers absorbing all the air drops so you just use the official accounts to do it. As for wallets to connect with projects, you should always remember to use a secondary wallet, because in this market 100 guys out of 101 are scams, so be careful. Now most of the projects switch to retroactive air drop for people who actually use their products so the testnet trusses are also tightened…. 1. Things to pay attention to * According to my experience, most air drop contracts will not issue tokens and you can use defilama to check these projects. * Next should pay attention to how much seed raise these projects? Since those who invest in these projects will want to get a return on their investment, of course issuing tokens is the only way. Defilama also has a tool for you to see the projects that have been seeded recently, you just need to click and read. * Many projects will not announce they will air drop because they want real users. So any project we see potential, just experience, go to discord, tele, twitter of the project to update information from the project continuously. “It is better to make a mistake than to miss it” is the motto of the airdrop brothers =)) * Projects that have an active product but do not have a token or a public sale plan, the chance of airdrop will be higher . You can join sites like: (, ( , ( Task the projects on these sites * One way to spot other potential airdrop projects is to track down the wallets that get the most airdrops. There is a page to track these wallet addresses: (

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