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Don’t type these 3 phrases into Google search bar, bad things can happen

# **Don’t type these 3 phrases into Google’s search bar, bad things can happen** **You may be wondering: “How can a simple Google search become dangerous? dangerous?”. Then read on below.** Have you ever searched for coupons or promo codes on Google? At this point, there are at least two possibilities: You waste 15 minutes entering codes that don’t work, or worse, you’ll land on a malware-infected website. Paying TV is expensive, so you’ll probably want to look for free TV shows or movies. However, do not do that, there are many potentially dangerous websites. You may be wondering: “How can a simple Google search turn out to be dangerous?”. Then read on below. *USA Today* quotes experts as saying, just type anything in the Google search bar and you will get pages of search results. At the top are usually “Sponsored Results” pages. These are paid advertisements that businesses use to drive user traffic to their websites. Google doesn’t check all businesses that buy ads. Scammers can buy ads just like trusted businesses, then hide malware on their websites. Scammers are becoming increasingly adept at optimizing search engines so that their malicious websites show up at the top of search results pages. So what terms should you avoid typing in the Google search bar? The sad thing is that there are so many phrases you should avoid and it’s hard to list them all in one article. Here are three common search terms that show they can do real damage to users. ## **first. Tech support numbers** Fake phone numbers are a classic trick. If scammers can figure out how to get the name of the bank you’re using to show up when they’re calling you, they can certainly figure out how to get their phone number to search volume. high on Google. The most commonly searched support numbers are: – Amazon – Microsoft – Apple – Google – Meta (Facebook and Instagram) ## **2. How to make money online** There are some people looking for an opportunity to make money online by typing the phrase “How to make money online” on Google. According to experts, there is certainly a way for you to make money online, however, if an offer sounds too good to be true, it is probably a scam. It is true that there are some companies that offer their employees great perks or pay well, but the reality is, good jobs are hard to find. If you find yourself receiving a salary or perks that are radically different from what you would receive in a similar position at another company, be suspicious. Also, be wary of contract jobs or part-time jobs that come with unusual perks. It could be just a part-time back office job that you work remotely, but it offers surprisingly good bonuses, and gives you a much more flexible schedule than usual. ## **3. Crypto Wallet** Do you have some crypto or looking to earn some crypto while the price is low? However, typing “crypto wallet” on Google is not the way to search for a wallet that stores your digital currency. In fact, it is the path to disaster. When you buy cryptocurrency on an exchange like Coinbase, you will receive a crypto wallet, which is the wallet that the exchange controls, also known as a custody wallet. To transfer crypto or pay with crypto, you need to switch to a self-regulatory wallet. At this point, you have complete control over the wallet and everything inside it. However, that also comes with a risk that you are easily fooled into losing money. Remember that every wallet has a root phrase consisting of 12-24 “seemingly random” characters. Never reveal this phrase because it is the key to open your wallet from any device.



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