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Etherscan: Discover how to use Advance Filter – The Smart Tool to Make You Pro Onchain!

Imagine Etherscan is no longer a simple and rudimentary search engine, but has become a much smarter data analystic guy. No need to sit through each transaction one by one and then take notes. With just a few clicks, all the information you want to find is displayed right in front of your eyes. It’s no longer a dream, because Etherscan has officially launched the Advance Filter feature – a data statistics tool so intelligent that you don’t need to know any programming or pay thousands of dollars a year for a VIP account. can also become pro onchain 1/ Let’s explore the outstanding features of Advance Filter: (1.1) Filter by function: From creating smart contract, adding liquidity, creating token, depositing, withdrawing money to sending messages. All are filterable. (1.2) You want to filter by token standard? Easy. There are also NFT, ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155. Always check your pores. (1.3) Want to track transactions for a certain period of time? No problem, now there is no need to sit through each page to look up, enter data in one shot, get everything out. (1.4) Filter by sending or receiving address! So good. Regardless of the Ethereum address, transactions sent from and to that address cannot escape your eyes. It’s disgusting. (1.5) Is the transaction value low or high? 1 click to arrange everything very easy to see (1.6) Want to filter by specific token? In a few seconds, enter the token name or token address With a filter like this, you will take your onchain spying capabilities to the next level at no cost. 2/ Naughty ! 2.1 : Which address sends from 1000E -> 10000E to the Binance 14 wallet 2.2 : Which token has added liquid more than 10E or more on Uniswap https :// of USD305d719% T with an amount of 1 million dollars or more https://etherscan .io/advanced-filtered?tkn=0xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7&amt=100K%7eMAX Its usefulness and search power depends on your understanding and logical thinking. It will have no limit. I also once fell into the state of wanting to checkonchain but didn’t have the funds to buy websites like nansen, so I understand this will be helpful for those of you who want to learn about onchain by themselves. Those of you who are still reading this far, I would like to thank you, hehe!

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