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Europe may ban the sale of iPhone 15

# **Europe may ban the sale of iPhone 15** ## The European Union (EU) is taking measures to ensure that Apple will not restrict charging and data transfer rates via USB-C for iPhone 15 and later models. According to *AppleInsider*, in preparation for the arrival of the upcoming iPhone 15, Apple is said to be working on developing USB-C accessories for the Made for iPhone (MFi) program to certify products that meet quality standards. Sources say that Apple may limit charging and data transfer speeds for non-MFi-certified USB-C cables, but the EU could put this plan on hold. The report from *Die Zeit* states that EU commissioner Thierry Breton has sent a letter to Apple stating that restrictions regarding battery charging are unacceptable. Breton argues that if Apple imposes such restrictions, the EU will not allow iPhones to be sold in member countries. It is known that the EU Council completed the approval of the general charger regulation in October 2022. According to the proposal, devices will be forced to have a USB-C port. Having a standardized connector will allow the charger to be used with a wide range of devices, increasing convenience for consumers and significantly reducing e-waste. Before the end of this year, the EU intends to publish a guide to better explain the general charging standard regulations. Starting after 2024, electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and other devices must be charged with USB-C. It’s currently unclear whether Apple will include a USB-C port for the iPhone 15 models, as the company doesn’t have to comply with EU regulations until after 2024. Besides, the deadline changes local laws, though. To comply with the December 28, 2023 regulation, EU member states are not required to implement these laws until December 28, 2024. With the above timelines, not only the iPhone 15, but also the iPhone 16 itself, it is not necessary to apply the USB-C general charging standard because the product is released in the fall of 2024 (probably September if the schedule comes out). iPhone eyes are preserved). However, the iPhone 17 released in 2025 will be forced to have a USB-C port if Apple wants to sell them in Europe.



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