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Everyone knows the process of Airdrop – Discharge – – Sw Collect – Push. So is it possible that ID and Arb will pumd a circuit like GMT used to list the floor. Why is there a project to list the floor that must follow the process, there is a project to list the floor pumd?

**Everyone knows the process of Airdrop – Discharge – – Sw Collect – Push. So is it possible that ID and Arb will pumd a circuit like GMT used to list the floor. Why is there a list of projects that must follow the process, and there are projects that are always pumd like AXS, GMT, etc ?** **——————– ————————–** In this article, I will analyze the tokenomics of the new projects recently listed on the floor and according to the above process. are OP and APT. and project tokenomic analysis straight to GMT. Why go for tokenomic analysis, because a new project does not have much value in technical analysis. So I will only do fundamental and Tokenomic analysis. Note: Don’t rely too much on tokenomic. Because publication can be fake. It is best to check the transaction at the time of TGE to get the most accurate conclusion. The announcement can be fake, but the transaction is always checkable, need a little patience. And that is also one of the values ​​​​of Blockchain. ——————————————- **OP**: List exchange with 350m tokens in circulation for $1.3. Drain to 0.4 and pump x5 back. At the time of TGE **(photo 1)**: * 220m token Airdrop * 120m token Retroactive good Funding: This fund is to fund, reward individuals, projects, communities, have impactful products good or have a contribution to the general community. Thus, this number of tokens is still in the hands of users * 20m tokens Ecosystem Fund: Fund for community development. Thus, at the time of TGE, almost all of the floating tokens on the market are in the hands of ae users, equivalent to ~$400m. With such a floating supply, it is 100% certain that the fish will not be able to push up because they cannot take profits. So how to discharge the project to 0.4. Because MM also doesn’t hold much. It’s a hack. After the news was released, the price was released to 0.4 according to the project’s valuation. So, after the discharge is complete, it is the Sw-gom-push process. ——————————————- **APT**: List exchange with 130m tokens in circulation for $7. Release to 3$ and pump x7 back. At the time of TGE **(photo 2)** : * 125m token Airdrop * 5m token for Foundation Looking at the tokenomic results is scary, right, how can I push it when mm holds 5m tokens while circulating 125m tokens. Floating supply with a list price of $ 7 is equivalent to nearly 1 billion dollars Circulation@@. So it’s still the discharge – sw collection – pump process. Then how to discharge when you do not hold a large enough token. Then you already have Fud alameda, FTX, etc. After discharge, sw collect and Pumd. ——————————————- Let’s analyze **GMT **, the token on the floor is a straight up circuit without even adjusting. **GMT**: List of exchanges with 600m tokens in circulation for $0.1. No discharge, sw but pump always x40 times. At the time of TGE **(Picture 3)** : * 420m: launchpad token * 120m: Ecosysteam/Treasury Regarding Launchpad, this is not sure how many of these Cz captured. If anyone knows how to explain this, I would be very grateful. I only know that Cz is the top1 holder of BNB and with holding BNB to receive tokens, Cz certainly holds a large amount of these 420m Launchpad tokens. With 50% of the tokens a Bang has, then a Bang is holding at least 210m tokens About 120m Ecosystem tokens, where do I go, The project runs on Sol but the Solscan page is too boring, I can’t drag to see the TXNs at the time of TGE yes, there have been hundreds of thousands of transactions since TGE until now. Ecosysteam fund is held by the project owner, in case of non-discharge, the circulating supply is 210m tokens~ $25m floating. If this fund is fully discharged, the circulating supply is 210m tokens + 120m tokens= 330m tokens ~$40m floating. The circulation supply of $25m->40m is a small enough number for a project to push straight without waiting for discharge to collect. Compared to the floating of APT (~$1 billion) and OP ($400m), this is a small enough number to push. In addition, GMT has more favors as the market context, GMT is a Launchpad project launched at the time of the Bullish market much more than now. Now just need 1 small fud or btc turn around for a few k prices, almost everyone will see the old bottom of 15k or even 13k. The context is already different. GMT is also a Ponzi project, catching the trend of health training after the covit epidemic, etc. ——————————————- Let’s analyze the project tokenomic * *Space ID**, Launchpad project and also expected by many to be as xnxx as **GMT**. Summary of Distribution table **ID token** **(picture 4)**: ( Read this far guys. Click on the link to see it. Looking at the File, it can be guessed that: Cz is holding about 95m tokens. Floating supply outside 200m tokens ~100m$. The floating $100m figure is too high for me to drop money now. A Bang certainly would not be foolish to push a project with so much circulation. Compared to the floating GMT ($25m -$40m) it is high, but factors such as the current market context are much worse, ID is also not Ponzi like GMT, etc. ——————————————- So in the end, there is an investment can you get money down? I myself have sold out of stock at the price of 0.56 Still waiting for a process of discharging -sw gom- pump. On the first days of listing, MM successfully completed their tasks when they pumped lightly and kept the liquidity of $300m-$500m/day. I will catch again at 0.075-0.15 price zone. With MC around $25m-$50m, FMC ~$150m-$200m. Going to the market, you have to pay the price, and I pay the price in this area, Downtrend has to pay the bargain price. My personal views, not investment advice. Bosses, make your own decisions. If there are any projects with unusual tokenomics and charts, you can comment and take a look. Wish you a profitable investment.

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