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Experience ChatGPT on iPhone

# **Experience ChatGPT on iPhone** **ChatGPT app on iPhone has full features like website version and adds OpenAI’s speech recognition system.** Morning 19/5, main app ChatGPT’s formula has been posted to the App Store. ChatGPT on iPhone retains the full features of the website version and adds OpenAI’s speech recognition system. However, the app is currently only available to users in the US and will soon expand to other countries in the coming weeks. Vietnamese users can still experience the application by roaming their Apple ID to the US market. The interface of the ChatGPT application is no different from the web version. After downloading, the user is required to log in with a ChatGPT account. ChatGPT’s interface on the phone is quite slick and has the same layout as the Messages app on iPhone. Usage is similar to the web version when users only need to enter a question and send a request to the AI. The response of the application is quite fast and has the same output quality as the desktop version. To the request to write a sick leave application, the AI ​​responded to a rather detailed email sample. Besides keeping all the same features as on a computer, the most special feature of the ChatGPT application is support for voice search through the Whisper recognition system. With this feature, users can click on the recording icon and say the request to ChatGPT. *ZDNET *appreciates the app with good English support as it perfectly reproduces what the user says without any editing. The display on the ChatGPT app has also been tweaked to be as clear as possible, even for devices with small screens. *ZDNET’s reporter asked the application to “write a programmatic code to find the second largest number in a sequence”, the results are lines of code that are displayed quite clearly. Both mobile and desktop versions of ChatGPT are capable of completing the same task. ChatGPT application is quite convenient for many phone users, with familiar operations such as composing documents, writing emails or annotations. Meanwhile, for large tasks on the computer such as writing code or composing long documents, the desktop version of ChatGPT is still a better choice. Similar to the desktop version, if you want to experience more advanced technologies, users can upgrade their account to ChatGPT Plus package for 20 USD/month. Subscribers to ChatGPT’s premium service will be able to access this AI chatbot at any time, and get faster responses and new, exclusive features. According to *New York Times*, ChatGPT is the most prominent chatbot, attracting both technology, business and public attention. Even tech giants like Google, Meta or other small startups are just following suit with similar chatbots. Interestingly, despite allowing ChatGPT to put apps on the App Store, Apple has restricted employees from using ChatGPT or 3rd party AI programs due to concerns about top-secret data being exposed, according to internal Apple documents. . As noted by *WSJ*, a bug in March allowed users to view other people’s chat history.



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