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Experience in Crypto Market

The crypto market is a long-term subject, the longer one lives in the market, the more experience and acumen it will be with the market. Here are a few of my own conclusions over the years. Hope it’s useful for me many tks!! **1/ **The analyzes in this market are all probabilistic predictions only. Research tools, indicators, information, etc. are only for the purpose of reducing risk to a lower level. The future is uncertain, no instrument or individual can be 100% sure of an investment. Thus was born the so-called “Capital Management, Risk Management”, and at the same time take advantage of the possibilities that can bring profits. **2/ **Don’t be too trusting or interested in the analysis or rhetoric of individual CTs or Shillers that will take people out of their personal comfort zone. Because now if we listen, that’s when we are playing according to other people’s taste and of course it is most likely not suitable for us. **3/ **Trust in your analysis, because we are investing by our own sweat and tears, so only we are the ones who appreciate those coins. not anyone. Calls for this and that token can xxx are all shares in their opinion so please verify that information. The fact that they share this or that because it may be delicious to them, when it’s in a good position, but when it reaches everyone’s ears, it’s a whole different story. If people can get into the habit of self-reflection, people will improve very quickly. **4/ **A project’s price drop can be attributed to the following major issues. Due to the general situation of the market, due to the intrinsic of the project. If due to the general situation such as the market falling due to the impact of the economy, the cyclical bearish market, ..If it only has an effect on the price line in the short term, strongly DCA form good projects to buy. according to the original plan. If the market reverses, use a stop loss. In case there is a problem within the project, you should calmly find out the cause, go to channels like Tele or Discord to see if the community has any discussion or fear. It is not too strange that FUD or intentionally FUD collects goods, and it is possible to collect more goods, but if you need to find out carefully, it may be a real FUD of a dying project. **5/ **Following the big trend of the market is always safer than the small waves, don’t be greedy to eat the whole wave of the market is very difficult. Normally, the market will have at least 2-3 big waves in 1 year, focusing on playing each of them is enough, so don’t buy a lot, play a lot, you will have a concave account. As for those who are new to it, please consult those who have experience in traditional finance and KOLs to see how they feel. **6/** Plan for accumulation and profit taking. Like other financial markets, crypto is also a financial game with total = 0. Some winners take money from losers. **7/ **Know when to play when not, most of us lose mainly because our hands are itchy, holding usdt forever can’t stand it, we have to always enter this and that because of the fomo mentality. herd. Try to see and stand out of the wheel once to evaluate. **8/** “Be greedy when others are fearful and vice versa”. Those who dare to buy at a time when the whole market is filled with fear is always the first. Contrary to the fry, whales always accumulate when the market is gloomy with illiquidity and low asset prices. they always patiently accumulate for a long time. And they will take profit on all the assets they have accumulated when the market is fomo and most exciting. **9/ ** No matter how your position is in profit/loss, try to keep your mind as comfortable and light as possible. Because the more we get caught up in the FOMO mentality, the easier it is to make bad and hasty decisions. If you are tired, take a break to do the things you like to balance yourself and then come back. **10/ **Don’t fall in love with technology because it’s gone by the good technology will bring the project to the moon, but you have to know the technology well, because it is the story, the catalyst, the reason for the project. push a coin or a whole system. Crypto market is always moving, there are many cases where projects are very good and have good technology at this time but next year is no longer suitable. **11/** Before buying a project, ask yourself the following question? – What is the reason for me to pay down to buy this project? – What is the motivation for the project to increase the price? – Do I buy a good position or not, if I go down, buy more or cut my loss? – Will other people believe and buy like me? – Have any similar projects increased in price in the past? **12/ **When researching a project, you should learn about projects in the same industry in the array and then consider each component to forecast. In addition, there is a pretty good tip that when entering the opponent’s social network, typing the name of the project you are interested in can give a hidden corner, bad information of the project that the KOLs rarely mention when shilling. **13/** Currently, the project research process has been shortened because there are KOLS, specialized analysis sites to do it for us, but that doesn’t mean we should focus on them but take advantage of this. there to find a new perspective, both directions for both bullish and bearish.

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