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After 3 years of experience in the market, I have come a long way, I will summarize the potholes new participants will encounter so that ace will know the way to avoid and avoid to limit LOSS more during the move. The nature of LOSS will have to come to everyone sooner or later, it is a NEED condition, the loss will be more or less depending on the CAPITAL when participating in the market of each person. The ENOUGH condition is experience and self-training experience. So the first thing to limit LOSS, ace should join with a small amount and accept to lose. 1. The nature of the market is driven by makers, MM, sharks or big-handed organizations, so when we participate in the market, we should learn the laws of movement. The market movement is always 20% of the time moving with a trend, the remaining 80% of the time moving without a trend, also known as a sideways. So 20% of the time it’s with the sharks, and 80% of the time it’s for all the kids to play. But most of the fry lose money at this sideways time. The sideways time will take away the patience of the fry, the fear of losing the opportunity, the psychology of being cut too much, so when the market runs, the fry can’t keep the goods, either cut the loss early or take profit. young. After all, it is a LOSE both when the market is running and when the market is moving. Therefore, everyone should train themselves PHOTOGRAPHY and have a STRATEGY for each market phase. AWARENESS when entering the market. 2. The essence of successful TRADE is to WIN yourself, not the MARKET, because the market is always moving, and is still there year after year, some winners and losers, some VERY is RICH, but on the contrary, there are people who are FAILURE. The intensity of the risk is VERY HIGH so ace is always ready to UPGRADE himself every day quickly by LEARNING and EXPERIENCE to get EXPERIENCE. There must be a process of training, to WIN yourself, so that every time you enter an order, you do not get caught up in EMOTIONS, set for yourself the trading RULES, the RULES to follow, and HOW to handle it. EMOTION while yourself getting involved. When EDUCATION (when reaching TP) or FEAR (when hitting SL) are times when we should stop trading for a small period of time because then the EMOTION graph is going up and the INTELLIGENCE chart is going. down, which means DEFAULT is being increased. Suffering is losing money. 3. The essence of financial courses is a great deal of KNOWLEDGE available online. Only one difference is that they have synthesized and communicated according to what they understand and experience. SO in my opinion, ace should search and learn by himself, practice by himself by any method, Because it’s all available online, ace has to work hard to find it all, theory is full, it’s important to find Deep understanding and practice to evaluate and draw lessons for yourself. Should follow groups or KOLs who share knowledge and experience, ignore groups all day long BRING OUT, ORDER frequently. Because those who have a heart, or have a lot of market experience, they will share the lesson, not share the ORDER because it will be very risky to predict the UP or DOWN of a coin, it will affect a lot of people even if it right or wrong. The nature of making money of a professional TRADE is that whether the market runs right or wrong compared to their judgment, they still MAKE MONEY. They always have 2 scenarios, UP or DOWN, to have timely response plans when the market is HUGE. 4. DO NOT follow any of her bets, including famous KOLs, experienced people or financial gurus, but practice a trading method by yourself, become a method user. If you are skillful, then I believe that you will succeed, give yourself a DIFFERENCE, find your own entry point, stop loss point, take profit point, then you will be confident to limit LOTS and progress to more and less PROFITS. okay. 5. There will be 4 cases of an order: + MULTIPLE PROFITS (When confident to reach the set TP) + LOW PROFITS (When cutting profits early because the market signal is about to turn) + LOW LOI (when the market is about to turn) comply with the SL m set or move the SL closer to Entry when the price has flowed in the right trend) + MULTIPLE PROFITS (When the rule is broken) If ace wants to live long in the market, it should avoid the last case of LOTS. Measures are also a FIRE against the market: A – SET SL + Always have SL and respect SL + Always turn SL draw or positive SL when price flows in the right trend + Stay calm when SL + Do not move SL B – Go to the standard VOL according to the original rule + Do not arbitrarily increase VOL when you first get Sl, take the stance + No allin + No reverse DCA. + No FOMO to catch when the price has run ACE will bring the account to 3 states: MULTIPLE PROFIT, LESS PROFIT and LOW LEVEL, then you can live. WISHING ACE for a successful training HERE is the line chart of a trade, short or long depends on each person, everyone has to go through it…

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