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Explore the NameDrop feature available on iOS 17

# **Explore the NameDrop feature available on iOS 17** **NameDrop is one of the most notable features in iOS 17 that makes it easy to share contacts between two iPhones.** *SlashGear*, all users need to do with NameDrop is bring two iPhones (running iOS 17) together to be able to share contacts, thereby reducing the time compared to sharing operations. traditional sharing such as through a messaging app or read contacts for the other party to re-enter. This doesn’t mean that any stranger’s iPhone can get your iPhone contacts when they’re near each other. Instead, when the iPhone gets close to sharing range, separate share and receive buttons appear on the screen, only after tapping the correct button does contact sharing happen. Apple says users can choose which phone numbers and email addresses on the contact card they want to share with a nearby iPhone. When using NameDrop, not only the contact card is shared between the two phones, but also the Contact Poster – another iOS 17 feature. The Contact Poster is essentially a contact card that the user can customize. images, memoji, typography and colors for incoming calls… Apple doesn’t keep NameDrop exclusive to iPhone as users can also exchange contacts between iPhone and Apple Watch by placing them close to each other. The feature will be enabled with a software update for the Apple Watch later this year. It should be noted, NameDrop requires at least Watch SE, Watch Ultra, and Watch Series 6 (or later), and since NameDrop is an iOS 17 feature, it will be available on iPhones running the operating system. This means that iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus and earlier will be abandoned. Apple even gives NameDrop the ability to share other data. Using the same method, users can listen to music via SharePlay, watch online videos and even play games together. This is one of the most practical convenience features in the iOS 17 category. NameDrop is not an Apple invention. Android phones have had a similar feature for years, which allows two phones with NFC chips inside to touch each other to share contacts. A company called Bump also used to offer iOS and Android apps that let you share files by tapping two phones together. It was a popular app, but the company was later acquired by Google before the app was discontinued in 2014.



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