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Fake ChatGPT apps need to be removed immediately

# ** Fake ChatGPT apps need to be removed immediately** ## ChatGPT’s growing popularity is making many people want to try it on smartphones, but it’s an opportunity for hackers to attack them. According to *Knowtechie*, the famous cybersecurity company Sophos has just discovered many applications (ChatGPT) ( 185230416161701859.htm) to trick users into paying expensive subscription fees, with 5 separate apps on Google Play Store and App Store. While these apps are not considered malicious, they are classified as scamware, which causes their own set of problems. Sophos also says most of the apps are free to install. However, the (free) versions( have almost no functionality and constant advertising, which eventually forces users to sign up and lose money, ranging from $6/week to over $300/year. For example, with the iOS version of Chat GBT there is a subscription fee of 6 USD/week or 312 USD/year after 3 days of trial. Records from *SensorTower* show that deceptive app developers make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. What’s special about these scam apps is that they are designed to pass Google and Apple’s security checks. Fraudulent app developers use deceptive tactics to gain customer trust, such as inflating app reviews on the Play Store and App Store by creating fake reviews. Going back to the (cheat apps)( that Sophos discovered, the company recorded many fake ChatGPT applications on both Android and iOS platforms, including Genie AI Chatbot; GAl Assistant; Al Chat GBT – Open Chatbot App; Chat GBT; Al Chat – Chatbot Al Assistant; Al Chatbot – Open Chat Writer. Sophos says users need to stay away from them or remove them from their device if they’ve been installed before. These apps are available on either iOS or Android, even both platforms. The company reported it to both Apple and Google, with most having been removed.



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