Saturday, June 10, 2023


Surely in the last 2 days of the last week, everyone has seen the terrible price increase of the Fan Token group, right? If any of you catch it, congratulations. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter, but the money is still a chance. Without this trend, there is another trend, the important thing is what we learn from experience. —————————— ***The performance of the Fan token group*** Over the past 2 days, here is the group of coins with the best performance *(from bottom to absolute top)* $OG: 400% $JUV: 165% $APLINE: 156% $ATM: 108% In time, if you Paying a little attention to the market, $OG is the first to rise in price, continuously making new highs every hour. The rally of $OG started at 15:00 April 7, 2023, followed by an increase in the price of the remaining Fan token group. In terms of performance, other fan tokens only increase in price when $OG rises or is moving sideways. And when $OG decreases, the entire group of coins decreases simultaneously. ***Lessons learned*** We all agree that, with such price fluctuations, $OG is the coin leading the rally of the Fan token group this time. With $OG’s upside momentum as above, we can see that at any point during that rally, any of our long positions at any point are profitable. *(I know that no one dares to buy from 7th up).* If you choose other coins because you think, $OG has increased too much and the other group has not increased much, then it is likely. Our position won’t generate too much profit/or even swing to the top due to the $OG correction. So **If trading, trade only the top coin.** Because that’s where the real money is going. And once the leading coin has problems, it is likely that the trend has peaked. *This lesson applies not only to Fan tokens, but also to all other trends in the market*

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