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Feature is the “culprit” causing iPhone battery drain fast, many users do not know

# **Features are the “culprits” of iPhone battery draining fast, many users don’t know** **These features are said to be the culprits that consume a lot of daily battery life on your iPhone you.** iPhone runs out of battery fast is a problem that almost every user has ever encountered. There are many causes for this, and according to MakeUseOf, here are the 6 most common reasons that you should know to fix. ## **first. The screen brightness is too high** If the user sets the screen brightness too high, the phone will drain the battery faster. Users should adjust the screen brightness to match the ambient light, or turn on the auto-brightness mode. For models equipped with OLED screens, users can switch to dark mode to save more battery. ## **2. Background App Refresh** One of the reasons why iPhone battery drains quickly is that there are too many apps running in the background. These apps will drain your iPhone’s mobile data and battery even when you’re not using them. To turn this feature off, go to Settings > select General > select Background App Refresh and turn it off. ## **3. Picture-in-Picture** Picture-in-Picture (PiP) is a feature that allows users to watch videos in a small window, while still being able to do other things on the phone. However, this feature also makes iPhone more battery drain because it has to maintain an internet connection and process images. To turn off PiP mode on iPhone, users go to Settings> select General> select “Picture in picture” and turn off the automatic PiP Start feature. ## **4. The battery has been bottle** The common cause of the iPhone’s battery “dropping” quickly is the battery bottle. Accordingly, the phone battery has a limited lifespan, and will gradually degrade over time. Experts recommend that users should replace the iPhone battery when the maximum capacity of the battery is less than 80%. ## **5. For the application to use continuous GPS positioning** Navigation applications such as Google Maps, Facebook, or Grab all use GPS to determine the user’s location. However, this is one of the things that consumes the most battery. To turn off location on iPhone, go to “Settings” > select “Privacy” > Next proceed to turn off the “Location services” feature or only allow location applications to access location when using. ## **6. Multiple Apps Send Notifications** Allowing multiple apps to send notifications also causes iPhone battery to drain quickly. Users can access Settings > Notifications to be able to turn off or customize notifications as they like.



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