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Features cause loss of security on iPhone

# **Insecure feature on iPhone** **Thanks to the feature that allows access when locked, users can interact with some applications without opening the device. However, this can cause security issues.** According to *Cnet*, some iPhone cases function as a wallet, helping to keep credit cards, identification and some other lightweight items. If the user unfortunately loses the device, the thief will get all the personal information and use it for many bad purposes. In it, if a crook has a user’s credit card information and tries to make a large transaction, the bank can send the machine a text message asking to verify that information. This will be very dangerous because iPhone has a feature that allows replying to messages without unlocking. Recently, a Reddit user said a thief stole $9,000 from him when he was able to reply to messages from the bank without unlocking. To prevent this situation, users should turn off the feature of replying with messages when the phone is locked. First, go to Settings and select Face ID & Passcode. Next, go to the Allow Access when Locked section and turn off Reply with Message. Once done, users will have to unlock the phone when they want to respond to messages. In addition, there are other features that can also be used without unlocking the iPhone like Siri or even some previously paired devices, including cars. Users can also access the Home app without unlocking the iPhone. If the phone is lost, thieves can control smart devices at home if they have been connected to the phone before. This can make it easier for crooks to sneak into your home and steal valuables. According to *Cnet*, users should disable the features mentioned in the section Allow access when locked to ensure safety. Disabling these features will not affect the notifications that appear on the lock screen. Of course, disabling these features will require the user to unlock the device to interact with the notifications. However, it also helps iPhone owners protect their privacy and security in the event of a loss.



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