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Figure4, Tokenmonics of Aribtrum.

Regarding the price line model, it is highly likely that Arbitrum will go like Op and Aptos as follows: Airdrop -> eat out -> sideway -> pump. Specifically, it will be as follows. When the floor list usually withdraws the upper beard quite high and then gradually decreases because of the discharge from the airdrop. After releasing from the airdrop, it will likely pump to x2 range to detect the supply force, because currently the Arbitrum project is getting quite a lot of FOMO, it will make people swing to the top. After that, the liquidity will be detected slowly. After testing the supply and demand and the sideway for a period of time, there is no more outside goods, then it will start to pump. In my personal opinion, the possibility of April and May is very green because marco is starting to stabilize and Aribtrum will be sideways for the time being. Because Dev needs time to collect goods from the airdrop and one more thing is confirmed that Arbitrum has delayed the token launch but why launch at this time like CZ too? Why launch Binance Launchpad at this time. It is highly likely that they have timed the market to recover at this time. Looking at the tokenomics of Arbitrum we can see that the initial Airdrop is 1.275 billion tokens and starting from 23/3/2024 the tokens will be paid for the previous rounds so in about 1 year it is almost certain Arb There will be a pump because in my previous post I said that if the token gets out, the price line is very difficult to control. It should be further noted that the number of unlocks at the same time as the airdrop is Treasury and Dao (total 4.278 billion tokens) this item will not have any discharge, but during that 1 year, the project can use these 2 items as a market maker. , because like live before, boss Ryan said that the token does anything, no one can verify it, saying that an airdrop can airdrop a part of the project itself, saying the token is used for marketing, it can be used as a market maker always. Talking more about tokenomics of Aribtrum, only DAO vote is the main => does not mean much for retail investor => pump dump price depends mainly on the project, marketmaker and looking at tokenomics, token allocation time is possible. There is a high chance that within the next 1 year Arb will have a pump like Op in the early stages. Regarding the valuation, there is a very thorough article already written so I will not rewrite it, everyone can read it here => or p/s: Currently, most of you can’t claim the airdrop and the next airdrop is 184 days, the price path is quite unpredictable and a bit different from Op with Aptos

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