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FINDING GEM – RIO diamond x1000?

1) Find the trend: the trend usually comes from either the big guy’s support, the shill, or the big guy’s support and the lancer’s communication. The first case is a small trend such as lsd, case 2 is a larger trend for example AI. So how to beat the trend, of course, depends on the sensitivity of each person, but there are tips like being trended by some kings like CZ or Elon shill. Yesterday, binance had a shill about #RWA, not only mentioned 2-3 times, but also explained the terminology about it, the paris blockchain event also had a talk about it. This is a trend that is rekindled just waiting for the media factor, this segment is also obvious to develop in order to link between traditional business and crypto and blockchain. 2) Find gem: gem is to find before the trend emerges, that is, the period is only when the big man shill, but wait until the shill media is to take profit. In step 1, determine the trend is #RWA, then go to twitter to search for #RWA and you will get a list of #RWA. So how to filter, after the list is back, go to dex screnner to filter to see which children have good liquidity but high volume for the 2nd filter list. 3) After having the 2nd filter list, there are about 3-5 children then have to look at the team, team orientation, tokenomic (important), has it been pumped, capitalization is the amount of tokens that have already been released, are there many holders? Who is the backer, which team is mm, and will there be any breakthroughs or outstanding events to promote fomo before the event? Combine all, then choose 1-2 shovels only. 4) Talking about the case #RIO: 4.1) Team: $RIO released in 2020 by the Brazilian team. The team is full of rich and experienced people, especially the CEO who has decades of experience in real estate, has managed several billion-dollar funds in real estate. The mentor is #Amazon’s boss on blockchain, and #Amazon is also implementing this RWA, exactly the same post. 4.2) Tokenomic This is the most impressive and very rare thing to date, true to the rich father and son. – No ICO – No presales – No allocation to the team – No pre-sale – Fully compliant with sec regulations on securities law. 4.3) The team’s fund holds more than 100 million real estate to create peace of mind for investors, the team is not short of money, the head office is located right in New York, not afraid of father and son lawsuits, proving not tired of legal . 4.4) Total 75M coins and sold about 50M, the rest unlocked within 38 years is 38 years =))) 4.5) Burn mechanism: Every time assets are converted into #RIO , there will be 2 things affecting price impact – Burn 2500 $RIO per tokenized asset – Pay fee 2500 $RIO Not printed but burned, this is super deflation, how can I make enough coins for everyone, imagine 55000 coins each person buys in, 1000 is the end of cmnr, not to mention it burns. 4.6) MM is not published, but observers can tell that it is OKX, only the OKX list has been listed for a few years, the price was drowned by it, bot orders were placed and canceled continuously, the price difference with dex sometimes up to 70%. And OKX is also burnt. 4.7) The market capitalization is less than 10M, when it is pushed, it will fly off the roof. 4. on March 31 mainnet, a layer1 project has its own chain, has its own stable coin, can develop dapps, has its own security coin, the team does not quit the project when the trend is down. Then surely before the mainnet there will be a strong marketing campaign to push the price to create an effect, then list other exchanges, fomo. If the team makes the mainnet well, then x100 or X1000 is feasible, the layer1 project with a cap of 5 billion is x1000. Conclusion: This is just a reference, hope you guys find out, not fomo because the price has been x20 times from the bottom. Best ūüėÄ

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