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First of all, I would like to ask you to allow me to post a post.

I would like to summarize the problem as follows: After Arbitrum’s web claim crashed, I had a claim contract and kept getting an error until more than 10pm (there was no notification that I had successfully claimed). Then at about 10:20, I claimed by web, I received a successful claim message. About 10-20 minutes later, I checked my wallet and found that Arb had returned to my wallet, so I went to Binance to copy the exchange’s wallet address to transfer Arb to sell. After I finished copying and went back to my metamask wallet, there was still 875Arb left. But when I add the Binance wallet address, it shows not enough Arb to transfer and then the Arb number resets to 0. Then I went to check my wallet address and found that I had claimed and transferred the wallet back. by Arb about 2h ago.(as picture). I want to ask if anyone has the same problem as me. And please the airdrop masters in the group can tell me why this happens. And is there a way to handle it? This is my first time receiving an aridrop, so I’m still confused, so please don’t hate me. I would like to thank you.

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