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Follow each other via geolocation

The popularity of technology pushes many people to follow the other half through geolocation for the sake of safety, surprise, and control. Lori Lyons, a teacher at a private school in New Orleans (USA), said her husband, Marty Luquet, has a habit of not answering the phone when out. She will then locate her husband through the Life360 app. Luquet worked as the head coach of the same school’s baseball team. Due to not answering the phone, the person who needs to be contacted often has to call through his wife. “I’m afraid to answer the phone,” he said. “I also sometimes see where my wife is through Life360. We are comfortable, if nothing is hidden, there is no reason to be concerned.” As technology advances, there are many ways for couples or lovers to track each other. Besides software, users can use devices such as (Apple AirTag)( or Samsung SmartTag. Ken White, who lives in Los Angeles, wanted to surprise his wife on her wedding anniversary with a gift of jewelry. However, because the two had installed apps to know each other’s location, he left all his iPhone and Apple Watch in his car and walked to a store 1.6 km away. “I felt like I was doing something shady. I had to get rid of all the electronics around me,” he said. However, location technology does not always work correctly. A few years ago, Ronit Boyd braked on a New Jersey highway at midday when he discovered his husband was at a hotel in Manhattan through the Find My feature on his iPhone. She quickly called her husband, but there was no answer. “Emotions surged and panicked. I wondered what he was doing in the hotel in broad daylight. Many crazy thoughts flashed through his mind,” she said. Her husband said the Find My feature might not work properly. “I laughed at first when I heard the call from my wife, but then realized she was angry,” he said. “To this day, the two are still joking around when it comes to this.” However, there are also many cases of detecting adultery thanks to location. An unnamed Atlanta woman discovered her husband was cheating through a location app. The husband later admitted and both are proceeding with divorce proceedings. Last year, Kashmir Hill, technology journalist for *New York Times*, also (try following)( -doi-chong-4426994.html) overlaps with the locator. After testing, she concluded it was “quite boring” but also affected the psychology of both people. “What surprised me was the tension of watching and feeling guilty about things he didn’t know, such as a photographer following him from my instructions. It was a relief when it ended. end,” Hill said. Traci Ruble, a marriage and family psychologist in San Francisco, says it’s not a good idea to use technology to track your partner. “There are privacy and interests that a person does not want others to know, including his partner. Passion sometimes stems from novelty and distance.”



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