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**Vesting schedule** and **unlock token** are one of the important points that make a project successful. Projects often open and sell cheap rounds such as seed, private, and IDO before officially listing the floor. Locking tokens and vesting will help the project avoid speculation or massively releasing tokens into the market. This partly demonstrates the team’s attachment to the project, avoids the team holding the token to manipulate the price or release the token, and more importantly, builds trust with investors. Tokens often have price fluctuations before and after being unlocked, so paying attention to the vesting / unlocking schedule helps you monitor and predict price movements, consider taking profits before the vesting date because the price may decrease or buy at the bottom. for a better price range. Important note when unlocking the price may increase, not decrease, so keep an eye on it to have a suitable plan. Check the token unlock schedule using ** The public vesting section will provide the locked/unlocked token data – The example in the picture is the Gal project that has been unlocked 90.24%, locked 9.76% and next 4 days at At the time of writing this will unlock 1.92%. – Clicking on the project name Gal will display specific data: + Allocations: token allocation rate of the project. + Vesting Schedule: vesting mechanism of those who bought tokens in the previous round. + TGE: time of initial token issuance. + Cliff: is the period of time people in this category will not receive any tokens. This word is often found in the token release schedule of projects, usually applied to tokens held by teams, advisors or investors. + Linear vest: the time the token is paid in installments. – Go to Categories to filter projects by ido ico platforms: Coinlist, Tokensoft and projects sold on Launchpad + TBA: projects about to announce the vesting schedule + Ended: Projects that have paid tokens – Projects that have paid for tokens often show signs of growth again, such as Azero or IMX, but many projects that pay tokens are lost forever. Note: – Combine tracking of unlocking tokens and comparing with tokenomic to see if the project is unlocking on schedule, the supply is inflationary or deflationary or not – Projects that pay tokens depending on the time of the market pump a lot or not. little, if it falls into the alt wave, it is normal to pump 200 300% for small cap projects. If short-term surfing, everyone should consider it. – Now is the golden time to invest to accumulate, not to speculate, so in the near future many projects will pay most or all of the tokens. Please carefully analyze and forecast target, marketcap and appropriate capital allocation until uptrend. – Personally, I find ** to be an indispensable tool for market research, a simple interface that is easy to use and accessible to many new and old users. However, because it is still a beta version, there are still many limitations such as few projects, little support for other launch platforms, and many data projects are still sketchy. – For research, of course, one tool is not enough because the data can be wrong, so people can use another site to support that is **. Usage is similar to *Vestlab*. Go to Insight > Token unlock. This tool also supports more data than vestlab so people will be more comfortable doing research. Conclusion: Hope this article helps people gain more knowledge, make the best investment plan and decision for themselves. Wished everyone success.

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