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FOR those who don’t know how to play meme OR don’t like to play meme like me

FOR AEs who don’t know how to play MEMEs OR don’t like to play MEMEs like me Over the past week, many of you who have genuine-coin-playing system are also hot inside, shed a lot of tears. When the coins are good (or think they are genuine), we take the time to analyze, believe, hope, not increase, sometimes even decrease even though BTC increases. But the coins that are worthless, just appearing for a few days, are continuously xnxx. When I go online, I see people and families showing off x5 x7 and even x dozens of times. Cash out all tens of k, hundreds of k $ Worse, sometimes some people can’t keep their cool before the wave of fomo, also try a few children, each child will share the sml. Double kill always :)) The feeling of disappointment, loss of faith, skepticism over the years, knowledge that you have spent a lot of study and effort in the end lost to men who know nothing but fomo according to KOL :)) Stop at That’s it, there are 2 issues to be clear here: 1) Do you think of the hundreds of thousands, millions of coin players out there. EVERYTHING IS PROBLEM!!? Where have you learned about money game knowledge and liquidity? In a negative sum game, how can all be profitable? Then the amount of money that the people who show off their profits out there earn, x10 must have 10 losers… It’s simply beautiful to show off. If you are at a loss, do you put it on the internet to show off your stupidity? So don’t be too regretful, don’t think everything is easy, don’t just look at the chart and then take out the ruler to measure it and say ‘if only’. Those things are for ae newbie, we have to be different. RIGHT RIGHT TIME, KEEP A COLD HEAD. 2) So if we stay out of the game, are we bad, we’re stupid!!? (Honestly, I also feel that I’m stupid when I can’t earn money, earn as much as the pros, where are the new girls coming from recently that gamble all xnxx coins) But do you feel I’m stupid when I can’t make a lot of money playing football like Messi, can’t make a lot of money through tears like Le To Thanh cry =)). Each person has a unique ability (and luck), life! It is important that you keep a cool head, stand outside and evaluate which game is right for you. Which game is not. There is a saying that I say over and over again because it is the essence of investment work: PROFIT WE ARE FROM RISK WE ACCEPT LOSS In sentence 1 I said, for 1 man x10 there must be 9 losses. his principal amount first. You feel that the game of 1 win, 9 losers is not suitable for you -> you do not play, it is your victory, victory because you have mastered the way of playing, your own game. You just want to spend money on things that you feel have long-term potential, it has data to use logic to evaluate, it has a basis for you to believe that the money you earn is due to your intelligence. And you do not choose to make money purely based on the fomo of the crowd. There’s nothing stupid about that. A job for 9 is better than 9 jobs, just keep calm and sharpen your sword, the money will come (or not, if someone else sharpens it better than you). But don’t see other people raising leeches to sell at a profit, I’ll go back to fill up the shrimp square so that tomorrow I can also build a leech farm (filling in 1/20 seems to be fine , even if I lose, I’ll learn a lesson). It’s not that I don’t know how to play memes, I even like to play micro shitcoin – the line of coins that I bought only had less than 150 wallet holders. Eating these children feels like it already. But I understand that my personality is safe, so I can’t beat these types even if I eat them. Spend less and eat more, play a little bit like buying a lottery, fighting against addiction. But risking to dream a few million dollars, I know I can’t do it. I know a lot of people who are standing outside or participating in the meme trend are very helpless. Helpless because they think other people have a holy grail, how can they find all the good ones, all the tops and bottoms. In fact, there is nothing too sublime or secret, if you have the knowledge, you can still win it by clicking on the meme (like I’ve skimmed a little, using my project analysis knowledge I still use, a little bit of research). I got a fake $wsb to eat x2 after 10 hours, and this one is x dozens of times and also crashed 7.80% and still dared to enter). In general, it is a fishing rod, it is not possible to reveal it all, but I share with you a few keywords that few people will tell you: – Understanding liquidity – Understanding who the token is in – Understanding the rules The index can evaluate the market sentiment about that coin to evaluate the fomo logically, not emotionally – Check the onchain to see if the creator of the game still wants to play this game or if he fell and followed – Adding a little bit of PTKT will filter coins to make rs faster. These are too basic, aren’t they? Any man who pats me on the chest only plays good coins but is not good at these things, he should go back to the cave to learn more because it’s just word of mouth. If I’m good at kicking yard 11 then I’ll go to futsal, I still have to play on pitch 7 but I can’t do anything. You must be confident in the path you choose, the market has waves and waves. It has a good time and a bad time. So I just keep evolving. This market stands still = lagging, but falling = tumbling. So stop complaining but consider it weak and healthy, that’s the sustainable way, don’t get caught up in it and suffer again. If you win, consider yourself winning the lottery consolation prize. If you win, forget it, but don’t plan to become a professional lottery player. This section is for newbies who are following these daily KOLs. You should quickly learn about liquidity 1h 4h 24h, liquidity pool. For what? To know if I am getting a good deal or being lured into a liquidity life. You try to notice the top KOLs they often hit big beats, hit good coins with clear fundamental analysis. Are they massively shilling dozens of memes every day this time? Those who are enthusiastically sharing/shilling the most. A meme with a capitalization of 5.7 million will be different from the new cap of 2,300k. A coin that has an LP of 5,600k it is different from one with an LP of only 2.30k. A KOL when he finds a meme (or invites shill, hires shill, creates it himself to shill). Buy 500$, 1k$ in a pool of only 20k$ and you have become a shareholder holding 5% of the project. Shill 1 interactive post with 10.20k views. Just need 200 newbies to buy, 100$ each, the coin will increase x2 x3 swishly. If the dev is good, it wants to shill for 20k he buys. If the dev supports it, it’s always rug. Sentence 1 I already said, 1 guy must eat, there must be a few losers. Who do you think is waiting to sell when the price rises? Are you sure your kol still holds that coin when the price is x5 x10 =)) Coin x, you can’t get out in time, the price collapses -> the error is because you don’t know the lock, because of greed. Coin rug early, scam -> error in the market, because of the meme it is. Share 5 children, create one by yourself, then you will also earn a bunch. Low risk, high return model, there’s no one who doesn’t want to do it. Therefore, don’t become a liquid life and still say “thank you”, “bro, give me a thank you donation”. I am not saying that everyone who shares meme is for the purpose of making money. But you have to know for yourself which bets are risky. To avoid the ones that are easy to be driven out, enter the ripe green ones a bit. And the market always has you born as a liquidity life. After all, it’s a money game, it’s been like that since the beginning. Try to progress to the top of the food chain. This is honest advice, not that I’m dangerous. Wish you all have a great meme season, keep the money to continue to multiply it many times. Source Copy twitter of @0xNDTNT

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