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Foxconn increases bonuses, attracts workers to assemble iPhone 15

**New workers will receive a bonus of USD 424 when working for a minimum of 3 months at Foxconn’s iPhone factory in Zhengzhou city.** According to *SCMP*, Foxconn Technology Group has begun to increase wages and bonuses for employees. New workers take on jobs at the world’s largest iPhone factory in Zhengzhou, capital of China’s Henan province, months before the US tech giant launches the next generation of iPhones. From May 29, new employees will receive a bonus of up to 424 USD if working for at least 90 days, and will be paid a maximum salary of approximately 3 USD / hour. This information was posted on the WeChat account of the Digital Product Business Group division, of Foxconn Group. In addition, existing workers also receive a bonus of 70 USD for referring new people to work. Only in May, Foxconn has had 2 increases in bonuses for workers working over 3 months. The assembly plant in Zhengzhou “iPhone city”, which employs about 200,000 people, is busy preparing to enter the peak production phase, before Apple unveils the new iPhone line, expected in September. The higher wages and bonuses available to workers in Zhengzhou suggest that Foxconn will continue to assemble iPhones at this facility, despite the continued movement of Apple’s supply chain out of China. Although China remains Foxconn’s main production base, rising labor costs and disruptions caused by Covid-19 last year prompted the company to move some operations to other countries such as India and China. Vietnam. In February, Tim Cook said production disruptions in China in November-December 2022 were part of the reason Apple’s quarterly revenue fell for the first time since 2019. Earlier this month, the chairman and Foxconn CEO Liu Young-way visited Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province (China). He insists the company has no plans to leave the city and its key manufacturing facility. However, according to a source in *The Economic Times*, Foxconn plans to add two more buildings at its iPhone manufacturing facility in Chennai, the capital of the southernmost Indian state of Tamil Nadu. In the past year, the CEO of this group has met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi twice. Meanwhile, Tata Group is set to become Apple’s fourth iPhone manufacturing partner, after the industrial giant bought the Wistron Corp factory, speeding up the shift of production outside of China. *DigiTimes Research* predicts India will assemble 50% of Apple’s iPhones by 2027, up sharply from less than 5% today. At that time, the South Asian country will play an equal role with China in Apple’s mobile device supply chain.



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