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Frameworks for better crypto investment

1/ The right mindset for the crypto market? **Must have the right mindset when participating in the crypto market or any financial market. Investment thinking is like a map to a treasure, if the map is wrong, it will never reach the destination no matter what means of transport and the mindset must always be updated because the market is different every day** 2 / Know the keywords, basic concepts **The crypto market is operated by trust thanks to the application of blockchain technology, so to be able to participate deeply in the market, you need to understand the concepts, Crypto-specific words to understand why this trend is booming.** 3/ Know the steps to research a project **Steps to research a project are fundamental analysis. about a project. If you don’t understand anything about a project you are about to invest in, you will surely lose money, but even if you are lucky, you will close it young or later return it to the market. ** 4/ Your own framework for better research ** To study crypto effectively, you can create your own framework based on important factors in the field. Each of us is not the same, if someone can do it, you may not be able to do it, find your own advantage to develop yourself more comprehensively.** 5/ Know how to read data onchain ** Onchain data is always an advantage for those who read and find signals from those insights or for example, when you see a trend/naratives is booming, you can verify it with onchain and you will judge yourself. The opportunity/risk assessment has its own perspective when monitoring the story’s progress, thereby controlling its own psychology, limiting the influence of the crowd. Also, if knowing about onchain is when facing an opportunity / a decision? How many of the answers are yours and how many are other people’s / deadlocked? If you know how to exploit data on-chain, you will be able to test your own theses and hypotheses.** 6/ Thinking about how to use tools in crypto** Many brothers in my group see Spending money to buy some nansen pro tools, .. and other paid tools without taking advantage of its full features or seeing people buy and buy but don’t know how to use it, it’s a waste. No matter how good a tool is, if you don’t know how to use it, it’s a waste.** 7/ Applying macroeconomic knowledge to crypto **In addition to specific news related to the crypto industry, economic news , the macro also has a great influence on this market. If you have been in the market for a while, you must have noticed that many macro news will have a great influence on the market, causing the price of Bitcoin and some Altcoins to fluctuate sharply. The macro knowledge that needs to be learned to be applied to crypto is not as heavy as people think when applied to stocks, forex, ..** 8/ Understanding Crypto Technical Analysis & Application * *Until now, there are still a lot of people who don’t like ptkt because they think that crypto is completely manipulated by the house, the chart can draw quite a negative technical analysis but if it is not reliable, it will definitely I haven’t developed into such a method, actually I see a lot of people who only use ptkt and still make a living and even get rich through trading. Of course, when participating in crypto, it is necessary to apply ptcb, ptkt, ptonchain, capital management, etc. if you want to be optimal.** 9/Understanding Future/Margin. **Of course, this is a form of making money everyone knows in this financial market because of short-term profits, but really few people understand its nature, so only 1% of the people trade futures, margin in the market is to bring positive profit. Many people think that Future is a blatant scam and blame it, but actually it is just a tool. The essence of future margin, Mr. Low Jho in a certain article has briefly explained already. everyone can read.** 10/How to play Meme projects. **Memes are always interesting and unexpected, because just “lucky” to pick one can really change your life. The meme project is special because it cannot be analyzed in the usual ways like technical analysis, but only combines a little fundamental and community analysis + many other analysis tools** 11/ Insight analysis of VCs **VCs are venture capital funds pouring capital into newly established projects. The reason for the birth of VCs comes from the need to call for capital of small projects, not able to call capital in the market, or borrow from banks and of course VCs also invest for profit. The reason why it is necessary to analyze the insight of VCs is that because they have deep knowledge of the market and technology field, VCs often have a large scale and significant influence in the investment field, and VCs often have the ability recognize market trends and potentials better,** 12/ Analyze insights of KOLs **When you are new to the market or have been in the market for a long time, “relying” on an knowledgeable person knowledge or experience is inevitable. In addition, KOLs also provide a lot of very good alpha or simply good experiences and tips. However, they need to be analyzed because there are a lot of dirty KOLs shilling for liquidity to discharge at the next candle.** 13/ Cex Insight analysis **Cex has long been considered a gateway to attract people New to Crypto. However, after the collapse of Ftx, the trend of users now looking to dex, but that does not mean that cex will be completely replaced, maybe it is just that later cex will no longer “call rain” call the wind” as before. Understanding the cex exchange to understand how the market works, how to play and cex is much more accessible than the dex** 14/ Insight analysis of the blockchain Dev **Dev blockchain is a ‘power’ that cannot be ignored in crypto, some famous devs can influence the market like vitalik, andre cronje,..because the technology that the dev proposes, or innovates is the foundation for the big players to ‘pull the story’ into. the school and they both have very good insights that if you grasp and analyze it, you can eat a whole wave of gains. For example, Vitalik used to tweet a lot about Zk technology before, anyone who is quick will surely eat a lot.** 15/ Understanding Market Maker **Market Maker is an indispensable component in the market, they provide liquidity for projects, support the price of coins. Projects that have a market maker, as we can see, have a very nice chart and if we know how to play, they will be more profitable than a project without a market maker.** 16/ Flip history analyzes past lessons **Although history will not repeat 100%, from the great events that happened in the past is a lesson for the future to avoid similar mistakes. Especially when the cyclicality of the crypto market is quite easy to recognize, it is important to turn back the history for analysis. From major crashes like FTX, Luna, what lessons have you learned? From the frenzied price spikes of BTC since the early days of launch, what do you conclude? ** 17/Core Topics on Important Crypto Topics **Most of the core knowledge in this market only accounts for about 20% of the volume of knowledge in this market, so acquiring knowledge to gain An overview is not as time consuming as many people think, if you still feel overwhelmed when absorbing knowledge, it is because you do not know how to grasp the most important things. In addition, I see quite a lot of brothers who learn a lot of knowledge that is not helpful for making profits. It’s okay to know but not to know.** 18/ Things that only we can withdraw when we actually fight the market. Theory is one thing and fighting the market is another thing, there will be experiences and lessons that no teacher or course can teach, but only through yourself. just understand it. That’s why some people have a lot of knowledge but don’t make money in this market, I’m pretty sure some teachers who teach courses can’t make money from the knowledge they teach. .

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