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From A – Z about ETHW !

** ETHW:** * Every day about 20-21 thousand ETH is generated (average blocktime of 10 to 15 seconds). * Selling pressure is around 60,000 ETH, but miners may not sell immediately, strong whale team behind. **Difference with ETH** * Difficulty Bomb will be removed. * EIP 1559 base fee will be distributed to miners. * There is no mining algorithm to combat ASIC miners. * Game for miners => optimize profits for miners **Bear case:** * ETHW serves miners’ profits, ETH’s inflation avoidance mechanism is removed. * Airdrop 1:1 leads to selling pressure. Top Balance is still holding very tight * Ecosystem is not stable. Wow. * Price 7-8 USD, a large number of profitable miners. **Bull case:** * KOLs promote, create community, cheer for the top. * Coming from the Chinese miner team, benefiting from the cash flow. * Sign of accumulation frame D1. * Opportunity to be listed by Binance (Binance launches convert ETHW – STB). Currently, the use of GPUs (video cards) to mine cryptocurrencies has started to become inefficient and inefficient. The current trend is to use ASIC miners (machines specifically designed to mine coins), and manufacturers are moving in this direction. **ASIC miner that mines ETHash series:** * The only ASIC miner that mines ETHash series like ETC, ETW is “ETC MINER E9 PRO.” **Bitmain and the next generation of miners:** * Mining company Bitmain has just produced 12,000 new generation miners. * Using the latest miner, every day will mine 3.13 ETHW. * If the electricity price is 0.1 USD, the profit is about 5 USD/day. Using hydroelectricity will be cheaper. * Vietnam’s average electricity price is 0.1 to 0.2 USD/kw and some other countries will be cheaper. * Approximately 200 days payback.

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