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FUD ARKHAM INTEL – By accident or on purpose?

Everyone is confused with the price movement of BTC yesterday. Gained due to positive CPI news, it was immediately sold out very strongly. After a closer look at the information, we find that the recent sell-off in BTC was caused by a false signal from Arkham Intel that the US Government BTC Wallet is showing signs of moving. So what’s the point of this story? ————————————————- ***Fake signal from Twitter** * On Twitter, the account @1kbeetlejuice specifically, posted an image indicating that the US government’s BTC wallet is showing signs of moving. This photo went viral on Twitter and caused a wave of sell-offs in BTC. BTC from a high of $28000 quickly dropped below $27000 ~ representing a 5% drop in less than 20 minutes. ***Information from Arkham Intel*** According to the information provided by Arkham Intel, this is not their fault at all. Arkham Intel users were able to self-label the wallets they track, and it looks like someone took advantage of this loophole to self-label and create FUD for the market. ***Market reaction*** This is not the first time this FUD has happened. The first time took place on April 26, and immediately $BTC sold out in horror from close to $30k to $27k ~ corresponding to an 8% drop. However, we all see a common pattern of these two sell-offs. That was before the sell-off, the market was getting excited by the previous rally. On April 26, BTC surged from the $27k price zone to close to the $30k mark. Similarly, on May 10, with positive CPI news, BTC also rose from the $27k region to the $28k mark. Which begs the question, ***is this Arkham Intel FUD accidental or intentional? Will Arkham Intel or related parties profit from this sell-off?*** Because to be able to sell such a large amount of $BTC, we need a lot of liquidity in the market, and a rally. The previous price is perfectly suitable to set the stage for a sell-off.

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