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Galaxy S23 has a feature that makes iPhone users jealous

If you own the Galaxy S23 series that Samsung has just released to the market, users can be more secure against zero-click attacks.
Samsung has long focused on security for its smartphones, especially the Knox platform integrated into Galaxy smartphones to help protect users from zero-click attacks aimed at obtaining data. their material.

The zero-click exploit appears as an attachment and immediately starts working to gain control of the user’s device or sensitive data. Samsung Knox helps protect against such attachments in the form of audio and video behind the scenes. Now, Galaxy S23 users have even more protection from zero-click attacks in the form of images.

To do this, Samsung has equipped the Galaxy S23 with a form of sandbox called Message Guard that can quarantine every image file on the phone and check if it is safe. The feature will first work in Samsung and Google’s Messages apps, but Samsung will roll it out to third-party messaging apps later this year.

Zero-click attacks are very dangerous because users’ phones can be hijacked and their data were stolen while sleeping or on the go.
At an initial stage, Message Guard will be implemented by Samsung on the Galaxy S23 series, but the company says it will be made available to other Galaxy devices later this year. This will give users of its product more peace of mind than other phones in being resistant to zero-click attacks, including Apple’s iPhone.



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