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Galaxy S23 lost more than 43% of its value after 2 months of use

## A latest survey from SellCell shows that iPhones tend to hold up better than top Android phones. Even the newly launched Galaxy S23 depreciates rapidly. According to PhoneArena, SellCell has discovered that the Galaxy S23 lineup and the Pixel 7 duo have depreciated significantly more than the iPhone 14 since they were released. Specifically, the Galaxy S23 series started at $799.99 when it went on sale on February 17, but after a few months, they have depreciated 43.3% in the used market. That means a used Galaxy S23 in “like new” condition is only worth 56.7% of its original purchase price. In contrast, the iPhone 14 series lost only 31% of its value after two months on the shelves. This data shows that the Galaxy S23 seems to have depreciated 1.4 times faster than the iPhone 14. It is worth noting that the Galaxy S23 does not depreciate as quickly as the Galaxy S22. According to SellCell, two months after its release, the Galaxy S22 has depreciated three times more than the iPhone 13. On the other hand, the iPhone 14 is much less valuable than the iPhone 13. After six months, the iPhone 14 has a low value. 5.7% more than the value of the iPhone 13 for the same time period. With the Pixel 7, it lost 45.9% of its value two months after its release, making it the worst performing device on the list. Also, phones are regularly discounted, and Google has now slashed their selling price by $150, so those who bought the phones at launch will lose even more. Regarding the specific phone model, the Galaxy S23 Ultra 1 TB in good condition depreciated the most in two months when it was currently priced at $719, down 55.6% in value from $1,620 at launch. Meanwhile, the 128GB iPhone 14 Pro Max proved to be the most stable investment, losing only 13.6% of its original price in two months. Some smartphone models like the 128GB iPhone 14 Pro Max, 256GB Galaxy S23 Plus, and 128GB Pixel 7 Pro also have low devaluations. Finally, the depreciation rate does not reflect the quality of the phone. The number only shows how much money the user can get back when he needs to sell his phone. Even at a steep resale price drop, both the Galaxy S23 and Pixel 7 are 5-year-supported phones from Samsung and Google respectively, so they’re great for those looking to keep the phone for a while. long time.



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