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The newly launched Galaxy S23 Ultra has encountered a series of errors

The newly launched Galaxy S23 Ultra has encountered a series of errors: “Broken” the screen, unable to connect to the Internet. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a very expensive device, so users are worried about a series of errors on this device.

Galaxy S23 Ultra can’t connect to WiFi

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series has only been launched recently but has encountered some unnecessary errors. Most recently, many Galaxy S23 Ultra users are noticing the device has no Internet when connecting to WiFi.

According to many threads on Reddit and Samsung forums, a large number of Galaxy S23 Ultra have problems connecting to WiFi. Accordingly, the device only connects to WiFi for a short time, then it says there is no internet.

Most users said the Galaxy S23 Ultra was the only device experiencing this problem and other devices in their homes worked fine.

“My wife and I both bought the S23 Ultra. I use the black one, she uses the purple one, both are unlocked. The machine connected to my WiFi 6 router (TP-Link AX11000) encountered a broken condition. connected but no internet. If there is a connection, it only takes a while to lose the network,” a Reddit user said.

“My wife’s phone doesn’t work. I’ve tried all the different fixes and workarounds. But it didn’t work. Both devices got the February update yesterday and I’m still having the same problem. problem, she’s not”.

This user then leans towards the possibility that the problem stems from the wifi receiver/transmitter in the Samsung phone.

The WiFi 6 router that this user is using in the home is a new generation of wireless technology and is not yet popular in the market.

Suspecting something wrong with the WiFi 6 protocol, the user changed back to the old WiFi 5 router. Immediately, the phone stayed connected for more than 24 hours. Whereas before it would disconnect from WiFi 6 within an hour or two.

Disabling WiFI 6 and the WPA3 encryption protocol fixed the problem for some users. Factory reset also resolved the issue for some Galaxy S23 Ultra owners. One user suggested turning off random MAC addresses and switching to MAC on the phone.

Samsung is aware of the problem and is working on a fix. Reddit users have told by a Samsung representative the next update should resolve the issue

Until the new update is available, affected users will have to rely on mobile data.

Android Central’s Andrew Myrick says that he had a similar problem on his Galaxy S23 Ultra and the February 2023 update has improved the situation to some extent.

It’s not clear exactly how many devices are experiencing issues, but the number doesn’t appear to be small. Some users say they’ve seen similar issues across multiple devices.

Galaxy S23 Ultra screen error

New phones often have bugs so this is not too unusual a phenomenon. Previously, Galaxy S23 Ultra also recorded a screen error.

According to posts on Reddit, Twitter and Samsung community forums. There’s something unusual about the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s screen upon closer inspection.

It seems that the screen is slightly deformed at the bottom left or right edge. Some people even have both sides. At $1,200, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a very expensive device. Users have a right to worry about screen distortion.

Responding to a Twitter user experiencing issues on two Galaxy S23 Ultras. Samsung UK explained that it’s not a bug that some parts of the screen can be squashed because the screen has multiple layers of glass bonded together. Guaranteed waterproof and dustproof.

While the bottom corners of the Galaxy S23 Ultra might lead you to believe the product is defective, it’s not. In fact, you have to look closely or shine a light to notice the problem. Some normal users might not mind it.

It is a fact that screen distortion is common on Samsung phones. The company even has a page dedicated to explaining that overlapping stripes on the screen are not a product fault.



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