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Galaxy S23 Ultra will be when dropped?

## **Now, the Galaxy S23 trio has officially undergone the drop test. Whether the Galaxy S23 Ultra is more durable than the “brothers” versions** When buying (smartphone)(, users will often buy Add a protective case, back cover or tempered glass stickers. Although they are all built with high-strength components, with the dual-glass construction, many flagships are still easily damaged. And because they are expensive, repairs are also more expensive than regular phones. **So is the Galaxy S23 series durable?** Allstate Protection Plans conducted drop testing for the Galaxy S23 series. All three devices use sustainable materials such as glass and recycled plastic. At the same time, they are all protected by Gorilla Glass Victus 2. The company used a DropBot robot to drop 3 phones from a height of 6 feet (about 1.82m) or more. First, the Galaxy S23 encountered a screen breakage problem with a glass back, even with a protruding glass layer and frame damage. The device is unusable after the first drop face down. Damage to the Galaxy S23+ includes cracked screen, raised glass, and frame damage. Galaxy S23 Ultra has broken camera lens, cracked screen, and minor frame damage. **How ​​durable is the Galaxy S23 Ultra in the drop tests?** The Galaxy S23+ outperformed the Galaxy S22+ in the drop tests and remains functional after being dropped from the front and back to the floor. . However, the phone broke after the first drop. The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera lens is susceptible to damage when dropped. In fact, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is more durable than the Galaxy S22 Ultra and is less damaged than the other two Galaxy S23 versions. However, users should still buy cases and screen protectors for smartphones.



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